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Friday December 14 2018
  8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
$12 in advance / $15 at the door
Facing New York
  (Reunion tour)
 indie/prog rock
Unconditional Arms
 Post Rock / Ambient / Indie
 musical non-conformity. = Punk

Facing New York
Guitar, Vocals: Eric Frederic
Bass: Brandon Canchola
Drums: Omar Cuellar
-from Oakland, CA


Facing New York - Eric Frederic [vocals, guitar] (also known as the multi-platinum GRAMMY–nominated producer/songwriter/artist Ricky Reed), Brandon Canchola [bass], and Omar Cuellar [drums] - has announced the release of their long awaited new album Dogtown out December 14th via Nice Life.

Eric, Brandon and Omar have a brotherhood and friendship that has endured from their beginnings together in the Bay Area. Dogtown affirms the enduring nature of their chemistry.

Formed in 2004, the group emerged as a cult favorite in the Northern California scene as they delivered three progressively charged alternative rock releases: Swimming Not Treading [2004], Facing New York [2005], and Get Hot [2008], which drew praise from Stereogum, Alternative Press, AV Club and more. They even built an international following by touring throughout North America, Europe, and Japan.

Then, life happened throughout the ensuing decade with ups, downs, trials, tribulations, weddings, deaths, births, and all manner of change, which inspired and informed the music. “Facing New York is always happening in the background. Since we’re family, there’s no pressure. The stars aligned with our life experiences,” says Brandon. “The statement we wanted to make happened at the moment it was supposed to. The music is really a construct through which we can express our love for each other as friends with no expectations ever.” “We’re lucky that we have this strange project where we can make music that matures and evolves with us,” says Eric. “Nobody is willing to let it go. We’re completely on the same page.”

Jamming together became an unplanned, yet annual (or semi-annual) tradition. As everybody congregated in the Bay Area during the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas presented the perfect opportunity to meet up at a cabinet shop owned by Brandon, hang out, catch up, and create. The musicians also made two pivotal trips to Weed, Cam to record at RadioStar Studios in The Theater—a famed studio first opened by legendary producer Sylvia Massy, and finished up work on the album at Eric's own studio in Elysian Park, CA, which houses his independent label Nice Life.

Facing New York brings airtight songwriting and direct lyricism to tried-and-true rock tradition. Drawing from a swath of influences that encompasses everything from Soundgarden, The Jesus Lizard, and Yes to Talk Talk, Failure and Shudder To Think, they bring their own distinct and dynamic vibe. The album title Dogtown refers to a neighborhood in West Oakland that is undergoing upheaval, turn over and gentrification. It’s a place where Eric, Brandon and Omar have all spent a lot of their lives. The feel of a gnarly, grisly transformation of a neighborhood is present in the music, a metaphor for all of the change that has transpired in their own lives.

Unconditional Arms
-from Oakland, CA

-from Gilroy, CA
-Gnarboots is a dynamic, formless entity of musical non-conformity. We don't practice, and anything goes. We are a band, whatever that means. We Are All Gnarboots.

Look in the mirror. What do you see? Your flaws, your faults, your positive attributes, a face once full of potential, quickly aging, headed toward inevitable death? We are all these things. To live is to be Gnarboots, to die is Gnarboots. You will be reborn in the image of Gnarboots. You will never escape, just as you cannot outrun your own shadow. Trust what you see in that mirror, and accept yourself as you are. You are Gnarboots.

Gnarboots Forever.