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Friday January 4 2019
  8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
•••  21 AND OVER
 Springsteen Night, featuring...
Rubber Tramp
 Garage Rock and Gospel Punk
John Courage
 Rock n' Roll with a songwriters bent
Bird Concerns
 Surf Rock
  plus special guests... 

“I have spent my life judging the distance between American reality and the American dream.”

-Bruce Springsteen

Springsteen’s music has come to represent a vivid and distinct image of the American dream and the American struggle. He saw and brought to light the injustices of the government while also finding solace in working Americans' ability to live and find themselves. Today in America, it sure seems that we are feeling a lot more of the American struggle and are questioning the efficacy of the American dream. Springsteen’s music can speak to our desires when faced with hard times, whether to reminisce about how things used to be, or run away from it all and start over.

But Springsteen never ran away. His music music more than anything pushes us to be critical, to fight for what’s important. His America is not about blind patriotism and flag waving. His image of America is struggle, resilience, solidarity, and most importantly, our constant yearning for freedom.

He’s powered through the decades rocking the world with an energy and sense of purpose few of his peers have maintained for so long. So on January 4, we will be celebrating the music of the Boss, with three rock ‘n’ roll bands and many guest singers reimagining his songs for the modern age alongside their original music.

Bird Concerns (LA) will kick off the show. LA Weekly describes their music as “swathed in lush harmonies and structures that straddle the line between sweet ’n’ simple, and progressive.”

Next up is John Courage (North Bay) and his vintage inspired rock and roll that takes cue from the Texas singer songwriter scene of the 70's. He creates a sound that at once feels familiar yet urgent.

Rubber Tramp (Oakland) play upbeat, garagey rock and roll with gospel and folk influences. Music about rope swings and road trips, where desperate nostalgia meets reckless abandon.

A series of Bay Area musicians will finish off the night as we dive head-on into Bruceland, including members of Con Brio, Whiskerman, Goodnight, Texas, King Dream, Speakease, Vandella, and Surf Bored.

Rubber Tramp

Zak Mandel-Romann - Vox, Guitar, Organ
Tracey Holland - Vox
Jeremy Lyon - Guitar, vox
Kevin Coleman - Drums
Daniel Erik - Bass
-from Oakland, CA

-Garage Rock Gospel Punk. Desperate nostalgia meets reckless abandon.

John Courage
Jonathan Palmer-Vocals, Guitar
Francesco Catania- Bass Guitar, Vocals
Jared Maddox- Drums
Ashley Allred-Vocals
-from Santa Rosa, CA

-John Courage has been honing his skills as a songwriter, guitarist and producer for over 10 years in the music communities of Northern California, with stints in the Pacific Northwest and the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico. With a flair for vintage inspired rock and roll that takes cue from the Texas singer songwriter scene of the 70's, John Courage creates a sound that at once feels familiar yet urgent. New styles blossom and are assimilated into the songbook, and currently John Courage performs as a solo songwriter, or a raucous, guitar driven trio or quartet. With four self produced full length albums to his credit, and guitar credits on many other records, along with touring work on bass and lead guitar, John Courage now expands into the role of producer with the addition of Gremlintone Studios, a fledgling analog based production focusing on live recording. Expect a new album release in 2016, along with completion of Sonoma County compilation "The Out There Tapes", as the future pulls into full swing on many frontiers…stay tuned!

Bird Concerns
Marcus Buser
Travis Meador
Jake Sucher
Cooper Wolken
-from Los Angeles, CA

-Bird Concerns is a four-piece garage rock band from Los Angeles, California. The musical collective began as a collaboration between fellow CalArts students, Marcus Buser (Bass, Vocals), Travis Meador (Guitar, Vocals), Jake Sucher (Guitar, Vocals) and Cooper Wolken (Drums, Vocals). Built upon four-part harmonies, interweaving guitars and infectious rhythms, Bird Concerns are delivering a fresh approach to rock’n’roll.