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Thursday February 21
  8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
 Honey House Records presents...
The Love Dimension
  10-year Anniversary
 Psychedelic, Garage, Punk, Surf, Country, Rock
Locus Pocus
Garagey Psych Rock and Roll ----Caravan 222 is off the bill
 Dream Pop Folk
Visuals by
White Light Prism
DJ sets by 
Clay Andrews of The Spiral Electric
Special Offer:
Ticket/Vinyl Combo Deal
$22 gets you entry to the venue and bonus vinyl edition of the new album "Dream Decibels" by the Love Dimension (a savings of $10!)
Note: You need to be at the venue to pick up your vinyl the night of the show at the merch table!

The Love Dimension
Jimmy L. Dias,
Celeste Obomsawin,
Devin Farney
Robinson Kuntz
Amy Jane Cronkleton
Mike Summers
Jeremy Walker
Eric Amerman
-from San Francisco, CA

-San Francisco musical collective The Love Dimension steeped itself in the music of the psychedelic era of the '60s then infused it with the sound of ‘90s grunge and other more contemporary influences to create “mind-expanding music” for the 21st century. Resonating with the consciousness expanding goals of the ‘60s psychedelic movement, The Love Dimension “creates sonic architecture for the benefit of all sentient beings across the multi-verse.” A musical vision that reflects the personal journey of band founder Jimmy L. Dias who was on the path to becoming a shamanic healer when his own experiences of healing called him back to music. In 2008, while continuing his training as a healer, Jimmy set out to find the right players for The Love Dimension.

In January 2009, Jimmy played a solo acoustic show as The Love Dimension at a dive bar in San Francisco. Local club gigs followed with a rotating line-up supporting Jimmy (guitar/vocals), Celeste Obomsawin (vocals/percussion/flute) and Raphael Wayman Davis (bass). During its first two years, the band recorded its first album, In Between Lives (2011) and several EPs and singles.  Then tragedy struck with the untimely death of bass player Raphael. The next few years saw several different band lineups and the release of several recordings including albums Forget the Remember (2012) and Create and Consume (2014).

The Love Dimension’s core lineup is Jimmy L. Dias (vocals/guitar), Celeste Obomsawin (vocals/percussion/flute), Amy Jane Cronkleton (vocals), Robinson Kuntz (drums), Michael Summers (bass) and Devin Farney (keyboards/vocals).  The band has featured many other talented musicians such as Jacob Landry (guitar), Jeremy Walker (guitar), Joe Miller (drums), Kevin Grapski (bass), Ryan Erickson (bass/vocals), Eric Amerman (guitar/keys/drums),  Ryan Scott Long (drums), Sonny Pearce (drums), Tommy Anderson (bass), Kyle DeMartini (guitar), and Sean Carney (guitar) just to name a few.

Playing bigger shows at better venues, making festival appearances (including Desert Stars, Whole Earth, Haight Ashbury Street Fair, Gathering of the Tribes), getting radio play, the release in 2016 of the EP, Freakquency Space Mind Continuum, and the release in 2017 of the EP, Acceptance, The Love Dimension is poised to make a move.

The Love Dimension plays in multiple configurations—from solo acoustic sets to 11-piece expanded lineups—depending on the needs of the venue and the occasion. Whatever the configuration, The Love Dimension will deliver a performance that will elevate the spirit and move the soul.

Locus Pocus
Vocals- Nate Budroe
Guitar- Kyle Chapman
Bass- Daniel de Lorimier
Drums- Michael Kipnis
Organ & Rhodes- Daniel Markowitz
-from San Francisco, CA

-Locus Pocus need not proclaim their belief in the overwrought power of rock ‘n’ roll – they would much rather just write complex and catchy rock songs without explanation or apology. Formed in San Francisco in late 2016, the quintet’s music draws on the last seventy years of music history and jazz technique, folding psych, indie, pop, and punk into a seamless and contemporary sonic pastiche. Onstage, Locus Pocus conjure an uncontainable mania, whipping audiences into a frenzy and adding a fascinating layer of provocation and spectacle to their complex and prismatic songwriting. They released their debut self-titled EP in May 2017 – which, in retrospect, was something of a warning shot for their proper full-length debut. Said debut arrived a year later in the form of Locus Pocus, a lush and compulsively listenable collection of surrealistic rock numbers. Never one for resting on their laurels, the band maintains an active and lauded presence in the Bay Area music scene, supporting internationally touring acts and headlining venues throughout the region. In Locus Pocus’ world, the only direction is up. Expect to see (and hear) them playing and performing accordingly.

-from San Francisco, CA

-n 2018, Craig Jacobs and Melissa Russi, two bay area natives, journeyed through San Francisco out to the Ocean Beach Dunes. What started as a casual day of jams by the water, turned into a couple of baybs traversing sound on a transcendental soul safari. Sprouting from an eccentric conception, their sound is an ebb and flow of poetic folk, dream pop with a flirtatious touch of rock likely to take you on a trip through the treasury of consciousness. All aboard the bayb train.