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Saturday February 23 2019
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
$17 in advance / $20 at the door
Smoking Popes
 Rock / Punk / Indie
Direct Hit!
Get Married
 Rock and Roll // Slacker Pop // Salsa

Smoking Popes
Josh Caterer - Lead Vocals, Guitar / Eli Caterer - Guitar, Vocals /
Matt Caterer - Bass / Mike Felumlee - Drums
-from Chicago, IL
-“Ever wonder what a traditional lounge singer would sound like backed up by a punk band? The Smoking Popes take that concept one step further: They've created a unique kind of music that some listeners are describing as ‘hyperkinetic tear-jerkers’." Los Angeles Times

Bursting onto the Chicago punk scene in 1991, Smoking Popes built a relationship with their legion of fans by melding raw songs about bittersweet heartache with soaring melodies, power chords and infectious energy. From their early indie releases to their critically acclaimed major label albums, Smoking Popes developed a unique blend of buzzsaw guitars, caffeinated rhythms and heartfelt crooning vocals, combining the angst of punk with the smooth sophistication of Frank Sinatra, creating music both urgent and timeless, and influencing a generation of musicians in their wake.

These days, the Popes are tighter and more inspired than ever, having reunited with drummer Mike Felumlee, from the band’s seminal recordings of the ‘90s. Lead singer Josh Caterer describes the reunion, “We’ve been fortunate to have some really great drummers over the years, they’ve all brought something unique to the band, but as soon as we started playing with Mike again, we felt like ‘This is how it’s supposed to be!’ Mike is the one who helped create our sound in the first place. Having him back in the band brings a lot of energy and excitement to what we’re doing.”

That excitement is palpable on “Into The Agony”, the first full-length Smoking Popes album featuring their original lineup since 1998’s “The Party’s Over.” Brilliantly mixed by the legendary Jamie Woolford, “Into The Agony” is a poignant collection of sublimely crafted songs, passionately delivered by a band clearly at the top of their game. If this new album is any indication, Smoking Popes are far from done making waves.

“Into The Agony” is available Oct 12th 2018 on Asian Man Records. The band will be hitting the road to support the release, with dates covering North America and Europe in the coming year.

“Why are the Smoking Popes important? Because they’ve written your favorite song, whether you know it or not.” – Kyle Kinane, Comedian & Smoking Popes Superfan

Direct Hit!

-Phew! punk rock’s come a long way since “Amoebaaaaaaa, amoebaaaaaaaa” hasn’t it? Crown Of Nothing continues Direct Hit’s unique strain of “fuck you, get pumped” party punk they’ve been honing throughout their decade-long career. Album opener “Different Universe” has a killer new-wave vibe; “Pain/Boredom” is a guaranteed circle pit starter that evokes labelmates Pears; “Bad Answer” is loaded with fuzz bass, a disco beat and a sax solo that would make the Big Man smile from beyond the grave; “Disassemble” is so catchy, it could be something John Feldmann would write for Goldfinger and then sell to Blink-182. (There’s also a flute on the track.) Direct Hit pinballs from style to style over Crown Of Nothing’s 44-minute runtime, but it never feels schizophrenic—more accurately, it feels like the best mix CD ever. There’s a reason why no two Direct Hit songs ever sound quite the same, too.

“We all have very severe cases of musical attention deficit disorder,” Woods explains. “We don’t get bored of certain sounds—we revisit different records we all like, all the time—but it becomes easier to pick out what we don’t like about something when we hear it repeated ad nauseum. We’d all rather continue to enjoy what we enjoy rather than spoil it for ourselves. It’s tough enough that Direct Hit consumes so much of our time, as joyful of an experience as this band has been; we’d hate to ruin it and make it unfun if we felt obligated to write the same shit over and over and over again.”

Get Married
Jaake Margo- Lead Vocals/Guitar
Randy "Bones" Moore- Lead Guitar
Dylan Moore- Drums/ Backing Vocals
Kayla Gonzalez- Bass
Tarif Pappu- Guitar/ Backing Vocals
Nick Kenrick- Keys
-from California City, CA

-Somewhere beyond the prying eyes of the city, out by the roadside chapel, there’s an intersection where parallel roads overlap. Lovers and loners. Elvis and Ozma. Alkaline Trio and Iron Maiden. Here, they all cross paths. Legend says that if you stand at the center, close your eyes, give yourself up to fate and take what comes, then you will hear two words echo through your head. Get Married.
Get Married are eternal optimists. Teens of nowhere who lie dreaming in leather jackets. Awake in a bedroom, they listen to the rain and sing ballads of the night you met.
For Get Married there’s no fading out. You either make it to the other side, or you crash and burn. And if you’re out there now, by the roadside chapel, take a chance. Step into the crossroads, close your eyes, and listen. If you do, you just might hear them as they tear by into the night.
-Mike Huguenor