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Monday March 4 2019

  ----previously scheduled show canceled:
Monday March 4 2019
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM  
 •••  ALL AGES
Tamar Aphek
 (from Tel Aviv, Israel)
 Jazz & Roll
 experimental indie pop-rock
Hose Rips       ----CINDY are off the bill
 horror punk

Tamar Aphek

-from Tel Aviv, Israel
-Tamar Aphek is one of the prominent faces of contemporary rock in the Israeli rock scene. She first came to prominence as the singer/guitar player for bands -  “Carusella”, “Shoshana”, which were both known for turning every rock venue into a crime scene of volume and ruthless energy. In 2014, Tamar made a leap forward with her solo EP “Collision”, which showed her great power not only as a shredder but as a talented songwriter. She received accolades for her score of the drama-comedy One Week an a Day, which won the Gan Foundation award at Cannes Film Festival.

Aphek is akin to artists that shatter expectations - balancing elegance and brutality, strength and fragility, ferocious guitar sound and sweet melodies. These forces resound through Tamar and her band’s live performances, which are infused by jazz and world music rhythms. She has now resurfaced with a new project called after her own name, teaming up with drummer David Gorensteyn and Bass player Or Dromi.

Aphek is also known as a pioneer in the Israeli music scene, thanks to her initiative and production of the “Besides that” festival to be held in nature which included the participation of Israeli and European bands.

"Tamar Aphek's score, a combination of modern percussion and more classical rhythms, musically evokes the imbalance and longing of a return to normal that the characters are feeling and working on"
 Hollywood Reporter

"Tamar Aphek gave a burning warm up show. On a black chair made of wood, she expressed the rage inside of her, while experimenting different kind of sounds carrying a distant look. She could have been a wonderful partner to Ward, known for his collaborations with Zooey Deschanel, Calexico, Bright eyes and Norah Jones"

"Psychedelic intense rock power"
 Time Out Lisbon

"Best movie soundtrack of 2016"

"Impressive indie rock soundtrack by Tamar Aphek"

"We played the music throughout the entire shoot of the scene and shaped with it one of the most important and trickiest scenes in the film"

-from Oakland, CA
- "Margalee began as stripped back folk comprised of mostly vocals singing/speaking poetry over guitar & is now a full band playing in the spirit of art rock / anti-folk. The band is comprised of close friends: Martine Glaros on drums, Margaret Potts on vocals/guitar, Devyn Bervid on bass & Emlie Bayless on lead guitar."

Hose Rips
-from Santa Rosa, CA
-Equal parts fantasy and horror!!!!!!!