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Sunday March 10 2019
 2:00PM doors -- music at 3:00PM
$12 in advance / $14 at the door
 Iron Man Moving & Subliminal SF presents...
  "Hoody's Birthday Bash"
  Afternoon BBQ Show: Free BBQ food!
The Briefs
  Record release
 77-style pop punk
The Stitches
Party Force
  Brian Hood's Birthday Bash
 Punk Ro~Scott Alcoholocaust
DJ What's His Fuck
  ~Scott Alcoholocaust

The Briefs
Chris Brief - drums
Steve. E Nix - guitar
Daniel J. Travanti - guitar
Stevie Kicks - bass
-from Seattle, WA

-Their ’77-style pop punk is loud, raucous and fierce, yet cohesive and hooky and hilarious. The Briefs are like a team of Chinese acrobats falling down the stairs on purpose. And when I say “pop” I mean popular in the broadest sense possible. The fifteen year-old mall hottie is a fan, but so is the 40 year-old stalwart with the pristine Undertones collection. Sure The Briefs wear their influences on their sleeve – Adverts, Buzzcocks, Weirdos to name just a few -- but they cop to them like junkies caught tying off in the alley with a skinny tie. They can’t help it. It’s in their blood. Listen you’ll understand. The groove is familiar but they’ve got a sound that’s all their own and uniquely unique. Infectious? Once they get in your ear, there’s no getting them out. The Briefs are mother fucking nerve agents for a diseased life.

With their skinny ties, plastic sunglasses, matching bleach-blond dye jobs and bad haircuts, The Briefs take the stage like commandos of the New Wave, retro zombies from the Disco Inferno. Take a good look because once they start to play it’s all a blur. This is their secret. It’s not what they sound like or what they look like. It’s their energy. They’ll come to your town and electrify the place. It doesn’t matter if they go on first, last or in between. It doesn’t matter if it’s an all- ages gig, an outdoor music fest, or a shitty little dive bar deep in the heart of Wrongville. The Briefs are one of the hardest working bands in America. They’ll play any time, anywhere. They’ll pile out of the van and stun the crowd like rioters at a Republican convention.

The Stitches
Michael Lohrman Mouth
Johnny Witmer Guitar/ Mouth
Pete "Action Man'" Archer Bass
Craig "Skibs" Barker Drums/ Mouth
-from LA/OC CA

-The first 16 seconds of "Sixteen" are everything you need to know about the Stitches. Mike Lohrman counts off, sounding oddly alone, the room echoing behind him. The song lurches: raw, ragged, as low and slow as a B-17 bomber. But before you can finish the thought, they've jumped a beat ahead. "Sixteen" revs up and then doubles over itself. Its all those months of speed and strangling boredom; its a band fucked up on meth and booze as they were every session, Lohrman says just pushing everything out as fast and hard as they can because for all they know, its going to disappear again into a black hole of white noise, just like the last time they tried to record. There isn't a shred of calculation or restraint in the entire song. It's nothing but instinct soon to be a Stitches trademark. And when Lohrman counts off again double time, he's got the entire band behind him, punching every syllable through the back wall. Johnny Sleepers crash cymbals bleed into every other instrument. It's not like hearing the Sex Pistols for the first time. It's like hearing the Germs "No God" for the first time. The same initial fake-out, the same lunge for the jugular, the same chaotic potential energy and the same subconscious implications it makes everything else sound sluggish and obsolete.

Party Force
-from Oakland, CA

-Fight, Fuck, Cry, Tequila! Punk Rock!
  Brian Hood's Birthday Bash......

DJ What's His Fuck
Scott Alcoholocaust
-from San Francisco, CA

-DJ What's His Fuck spins punk rock and other gems!