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Wednesday April 3 2019
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
•••  21 AND OVER
  Eric Yih presents...
False Freedom
 punk rock n' roll
The Dirt Babies
  ~Eric Yih
Pretty In Between
 alternative rock

False Freedom 
Bert - Bass
Sloth - Guitar
Travey Kat - Drums
-from Sonora CA

-FALSE FREEDOM! We hail from the small foothill town of Sonora, CA.
We play rock 'n' roll. Play it loud or don't play it!!

The Dirt Babies 
Guitars, Bass & Vocals: Eric Yih
Drums: Cody Fuentes
-from California

-Eric has had a passion for music and writing since he was a child. He hopes that the example he sets with his art will inspire others like him to pursue their passions and dreams in the face of the many obstacles out there in the world. For him, this is a lifelong pursuit, he's in it for the long haul.

The dirt baby is a symbol for neglected kids all across the world! It's not just poverty in a monetary sense, also poverty in a nurturing sense, sometimes the struggle to make ends meet leaves kids not receiving the attention or care they should be getting to succeed.
- Eric

Neil Nyberg -vocals/guitar, Cory Harlin -guitar/keys,
Brian Dewar- drums, Sean Mahoney- bass, Drew Kebbel-guitar/backing vocals
-from San Francisco/Berkeley, CA

-Nalamora - "the peace and love party band" originally began in 2007. The band has had a few short incarnations over the years before emerging again in 2017 after Neil Nyberg and Cory Harlin met.
Nalamora is a made up name which has the Spanish word for "LOVE" inside it (amor). Nalamora is also an acronym standing for Neil's Angelic, Loud, Awesome, Motherfuckin' Outlaw Rock Act, or Nifty, Artistic, Loving, Amazing, Magical, Otherworldly Revolutionary Army, haha!

Pretty In Between 
-from San Francisco, CA
-Somewhere out there between folk and fury, where jazz gets
angry and rock takes a breath, there’s an expanse of musical terrain waiting to be explored. Pretty in Between is a collection of musicians who have set out to find a new sound. They weave their message of hope, change and self-reflection through a patchwork of songs that will make you stomp, shake, groove and drift off on an voyage of your own.