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Saturday May 18 2019
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
State Line Empire         
Space Monkees
 Pop Punk

State Line Empire    
Tyson - Vocals/
"Cat" (bUg) - Guitars-
Jay - Drums
Hunter - Bass
-from LA/SF, CA

-Few bands are establishing themselves so firmly in the world of Rock/Alternative Rock music like State Line Empire.  A multi-talented group of musicians, Aaron 'Cat", Jay and Hunter have been capturing the hearts of listeners with every new release and live show.

Formed in 2010, State Line Empire has been gaining fans and earning themselves a no holds barre reputation for their live shows.  Slash and Mike Clink discovered the band early on and took them under their wing to help the band continue to develop.  "State Line Empire struck us as having real rock and roll energy.  You know, that energy that has been a turn on to me ever since I was a kid.” says Slash. Slash wrote and performed on their 1st single “Drive Me.”  James Michael (SIXX AM) also collaborated with State Line Empire.

Since then State Line Empire has released several singles such as "Cut" and "GO" that have gone on to receive hundreds of thousands of views on social media.

State Line Empire says, "We write about the things that shaped us for better and worse.  It’s about life. Sharp and pointed and sometimes pretty.  It’s for the listeners, it’s for you and when we perform it’s all left on the stage, it’s a celebration and everyone is invited.”

Beau Grant-Guitars
Jonathan Wilson Drums
Johaan Hill- Vocals/Bass
-from Livermore, CA

-In the mid 2000s Jonathan Wilson, Johaan Hill, and Beau Grant met while playing rollerhockey at Beaus rink that he owned in Livermore. Johaan was a kid outta high school and Jonathan had a 6 yr old little boy in the Mites division. We also played pickup hockey and in the adult league with/against each other. Years later Beau found out Jonathan played drums and they started jamming in about 2009 forming War Prayer. Johaan played in various bands as a bass player including Static Thought. Jonathan and Beau moved on to join Field of Stones in 2010 while Johaan would join Pushing the Sun later. Both bands would get together on a small Nevada run with a 1st stop in Placerville. Beau didnt know Johaan was now in Pushing the Sun and when saw him at the show was like “ Hey ...waddya doing here?” Johaan said “ No what are you doing here!” We both laughed and hung out for the evening talking about the good old days of the rink as it was closing down. Fast Forward to 2016 we started jamming for fun and decided with our “extra time”..haha yah right...that we would just play some good old off key outta tune energetic greasy Rock N Roll. Not trying to break any new ground just play music with a lil bit of blues boogie, punk angst and Sabbath riffage all the while telling a story within each track. Beaus love for some cool retro memories of being down at Fremont Raceway as a kid with old school dragsters, the pit crews, backup girls, questionable snack shacks, smell of nitro and burning tires resonated with Jonathan and Johaan and the 1st tune “Puking Oil” was born.

Space Monkees  
Raul Castillo, Tyler Wood, Joe Bakhtiari
-from San Francisco, CA

-The Space Monkees are a Bay Area Grunge/Pop Rock band based out of San Francisco.

The band consists of Raul Castillo on the guitar and vocals, Tyler Wood on Bass, and Joe Bakhtiari on Drums

Founded in October 2014, the band has set out to bring the 90s and early 2000's together for an energetic and intense energy to the stage.