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Friday May 24 2019
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
Faz Waltz
 Glam Rock/Rock'N'Roll
The Richmond Sluts
Genuine Parts
 Rock N' Roll
DJ Jim Heywood

Faz Waltz
Faz La Rocca :vocals,guitar,piano
Diego Angelini: bass
Marco Galimberti : drums
-from Cantý (Co) Italy

-Someone said that rock n'roll is dead. That someone has not paid close attention to what is going on lately in the underground, especially in Italy.
After six albums and hundreds of shows all around Europe,
Faz Waltz have already set the bar so high that is impossible not to put them among the best european bands of the last decade.
They breath and swear Glam Rock, the kind that used to be very much appreciated in the seventies in the worst pubs all around England.
T.Rex, Slade, David Bowie and Gary Glitter were the soundtrack for fight and romance.
Looks like some bands have re-discovered that sound, lately, and there's some kind of revival of the genre going on, what is different with Faz Waltz is that their love affair with glam and proto punk started a long time ago and the testimony is their first Ep that came out in 2008.But it doesn't stop there.
Faz La Rocca's song writing is also influenced by seventies rock n’roll legends (like Bon Scott era's AC/DC), The Beatles and Cheap Trick.
Their riffs and melodies are solid and they'll hook you up right from the start with their catchy songs but you'll also be blown away by their live set where they'll show you the real nature of this wild rock n'roll animal that is Faz Waltz.

The Richmond Sluts
Shea Roberts - Guitar, Vox/
Chris B- Bass/
Justin Lynn - Keys, Vox/
Jesse Nichols- Guitar, Vox/
John Tyree- Drums, Vox/
-from San Francisco, CA

-By definition, a Richmond Slut would be a resident of a San Francisco neighborhood who compromises principles for personal gain. In context of the indie rock 'n' roll scene, the name suggests the unblushing ability to laud oneself. Yet, at no time would you catch a member of the Richmond Sluts perched on some barstool droning on and on about how bitchin' his band is; or how days of monumental proportions lie ahead for the band; and how the international rock press is all bubbly-mouthed over the band's recently released second album. If you're a fan of the Richmond Sluts, don't expect a bombardment of endlessly galling e-mails detailing the band's MP3 chart positions, gig dates, or egomaniacally personal member updates. The gift of graft is lost on the Sluts. The band could give a shit. Conversation with band members reveals a welcome lack of self-aggrandizing hype. They come off like a proper rock band, befittingly fuzzyheaded and with all faculties in imperfect working order. By Brian Smith "Phoenix New Times"

Genuine Parts
Dani Agnew: Lead Vocals + Guitar
Paul: Bass
Rosie Gonce: Drums
Rachael: Guitar + Vocals
-from Oakland, CA

-"Formed in 2014 by four Bay Area women united by a love of rock n’ roll, motorcycles, and the open road, Genuine Parts chew up the garage sound and spit it back out with heavy riffs and blaring guitar leads. While the band cites KISS, Girlschool and The Stooges as some of their their biggest influences, their sound is uniquely their own. Fresh off the release of their first single, the band’s second EP cassette released on Southpaw Records shows the band going in a heavier direction. Stay tuned because there is a lot more to come from Genuine Parts".

DJ Jim Heywood