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SundayJune 2 2019
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
Pity Party
 Bummer punk
 emo extremo
 croony rock
alternative emo punk

Pity Party
Sarah - vocals
Dustin - guitar
Michael - drums
Bob - Bub
Tommy - guitar
-from Bay Area/Central California

-PITY PARTY is an emo pop-punk band from Oakland, CA. Characterized by their frenzied, unforgettable live shows and their fierce dedication to DIY and mental health advocacy, Pity Party have been spreading their wild, barely-holding-it-together energy across the US since 2014.

shannon - guitar, vocals
borin - guitar
ben - bass
elijah - drums, backup vocals
-from San Jose, CA

-he San Jose band awakebutstillinbed have succeeded at being so emo that they necessitated a new Bandcamp genre tag. Behold the dawn of “extremo.” Where some bands will preempt the emo label with a kind of self-reflexive joke about it, nothing about the young band’s debut album is played for laughs. You can’t call awakebutstillinbed “melodramatic” because that would imply overstatement or exaggeration, or that drama itself can’t be a resting state. Both “awake but still in bed” and “what people call low self-esteem is really just seeing yourself the way other people see you” are lyrics verbatim from the album and there’s no particular emphasis on either of those lines when they arrive. On average, they’re slightly less acute than anything else that comes from vocalist Shannon Taylor as a coo, a yell, or whatever you want to call the irreplicable moments where it sounds like she’s trying to remove a ball of steel shavings from her throat with a rusty fork. While some albums use a spectrum or rainbow for their emotional palette, low self-esteem needs a fire code: Every moment sounds an alarm, they’re only differentiated by its state of emergency.

jenna, rebecca, shannon, and mai
-from San Francisco, CA

-SOAR formed in the summer of 2015 after its members, who had all previously fronted their own bands, came together to start a project that was more collaborative in nature. Like a set of analytical relations, SOAR combines the best parts each persons' perspective and style to create a sound all their own.

With rotating lyricists, four-part harmonies, and shared songwriting, SOAR's catalogue evokes a wide scope of sounds and sentiments that can't be pinned down to any one genre. Mirrored by the name of their debut full length, dark / gold, out August 25, 2017 on Father/Daughter Records, SOAR strikes a balance between something heavy and opaque, something melodic and bright, something ultimately unyielding.

-from Oakland, CA
--Bay Area based alternative rock band that probably drinks too much.