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Thursday June 20 2019
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
•••  21 AND OVER
 Post-apocalyptic spaghetti western surf rock
His Master's Voice
 Cinematic Spaghetti Western Surfwave
 Stoner Psychedelic Thrash Rock
Beautiful Dudes 
 (Nevada City)
Rad Rock
   Live Visuals By Polychroma!

Robb Grimes
Reese Douglas
Matt Fogel
Nick Poulos
-from San Francisco, CA

-Post-apocalyptic spaghetti western surf rockers.

His Master's Voice  
-from San Francisco, CA
-His Master's Voice is a San Francisco duo creating washed-out spaghetti western music for the future

Bruno Cardoso Lopes, Nick O'Brien
-from San Francisco, CA

-2-piece instrumental psychedelic trash-rock band.
We play vicious riffs to blow your head off, and soothing grooves to sew it back together.

Beautiful Dudes   
-from Nevada City, CA
-The formula is simple: Guitar, bass, drums, vocals. That’s it. The Dudes want you to feel rad. The debut record is sexy rock n’ roll, have a good time, no built-in message bullshit. After years of writing songs that had no home in the world they were living in, the Dudes found themselves in a garage, at home, creating not simply music but the experience: Real dudes, living real dudes lives, rocking real dude music. Definitely loud. Definitely Californian.