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Saturday July 6 2019
  9:00PM doors -- music at 9:30PM
$12 at the door
Peach Street              
 Hip Hop
  Afro-Peruvian music
   (from Costa Rica \ Bay Area)

Peach Street   
B.A.D. Poetry, Billion Coast, Nathan Coast,
Catalyst, MC Wordplay, Esque Coast
-from the Bay Area, CA

-Peach Street is a Bay Area Hip Hop crew currently based out of San Rafael CA. Crew members consist of brothers/MC's from Cincinnati, Ohio Nathan Coast & Esque Coast, as well as San Rafael, CA Native MC's: Wordplay, Catalyst Bars, B.A.D. Poetry, and producers Billion Coast & Getm Jaf. Peach Street's name originated from the name of the street where they all lived together as roommates in Novato CA. Because they all lived together, created, rehearsed, and recorded all their music at home, Peach Street has become well known for their family like chemistry, which makes for a fresh energetic show. Their powerful, upbeat songs portray a variety of unique styles. Peach Street captures Hip-Hop's new school's vibe by combining ill lyricism with musical composition which is easily received and relatable. Peach Street not only creates dope music, but is in the process of launching a fresh new clothing Line called "Peach Street Live." Their singles "My City" & "Lit" are quickly spreading on youtube, and their popularity is growing rapidly everyday.

AJ: vox/trumpet/bass/guit/synth/perc.
EMILY: drums
LAUREN: vox/keys
OSVALDO: congas/percussion/vox

-AJ Leone remembers the first time he heard Afro-Peruvian music. Chilean-born Osvaldo Vergara, who formed the band Kombucheros in 2003 in Santa Cruz, showed it to him.

“It’s just a different addictive rhythm that I got stuck on. I can’t explain it,” Leone says.

From 2008 through 2015, Leone joined Osvaldo’s band. He also made several trips down to Peru to dig a little deeper into the music and the culture. He particularly enjoyed touring in Latin America as a solo artist.

“It’s a more laid-back, casual formula down there. It’s easy to get around and travel as a musician. It’ll be fun to see what this little project can do down there,” he says.
“I grew up in America with a mash of different cultures, I just kind of wanted to mash it all together with a little modern twist and all that stuff. We want to reach the most people possible,” Leone says.

(from Costa Rica \ Bay Area)
Ian Thomas Parks (Guitarra y Voz), Jimmy Salas Porras (Baterķa),
Mike Trujillo (Bajo)
-from California - Costa Rica

- The story of PLOMO in English as told by Ian Thomas Parks    In February 2019, Ian Thomas Parks was living in Santa Cruz, California, about to celebrate his 51st birthday, and contemplating his next step in life. 
Ian, a long time veteran of the North American music scene, was frustrated with the state of his musical career. Despite having so many almost famous moments, including an infamous run-in with legendary producer Rick Rubin, he had pretty much given up on the idea that music would ever amount to anything more than just a passionate hobby.    
On the other side of the country, Jimmy Salas Poras (aka Jimmy Stardust) was freezing his ass off in the subways of New York City, playing solo loop versions of contemporary pop hits for busy commuters’ tips.    
Traveling around United States, Jimmy came from La Fortuna, Costa Rica – a place, although supportive of his musical talents, that never embraced his desire to play original music. So, he set out on a six-month journey through North America seeking opportunities to learn about North American music and possibly network with other musicians.    Using the website Jimmy sent a very simple and short message to Ian saying “I will be be in California, would you like to make some music together?” To which Ian replied: what do you play? Upon discovering Jimmy’s unparalleled talent as a drummer, Ian enthusiastically invited Jimmy to come stay with him in Santa Cruz, California.   
During his stay, Jimmy and Ian became quick friends and realized that they had a shared interest in musical influence, recording, and writing. Immediately, they became collaborators.
As Jimmy's stay in Santa Cruz was coming to an end, Ian decided that he would like to try and record a song he had written a while back titled My Stupid Heart. Jimmy immediately took to the song and added the just the right amount of percussive thunder to make it move. Before they could catch their breath, PLOMO was born.  
 Releasing the self-produced song and video, after just two days of recording and shooting, the song and video were an instant internet sensation receiving more than 100,000 views in just one week while garnering accolades from listeners around the world.    Ian and Jimmy are now making plans to record a full-length album in Aguascalientes, Mexico in May and then tour Latin America.