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Friday July 19 2019
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
Smokin' Ziggurats   
 Rock and Roll
  formerly Pancho-san
Indie / Lo-fi Pop

Smokin' Ziggurats     
Ben McClintock
Tom Smith
Thomas Gettys
Mario Ruiz
-from San Francisco, CA

-Smokin' Ziggurats was formed from the bond created by guitarists and songwriters Tom Smith and Ben McClintock as they toured as the guitar section of San Francisco band, Social Studies. Their disparate yet harmonious approach to the instrument fueled a new body of work, featuring ping-ponging post-punk guitar leads and twin vocal harmony, and a new band was born.
The eponymous debut record, Smokin' Ziggurats, is the culmination of a year's work of songcraft, brought to life by a pummeling, pocket rhythm section, featuring Thomas Gettys on drums and Chris Sugiura on bass. Phil Manley (Trans Am, Golden, Life Coach) engineered and mixed the album at his San Francisco haven, El Studio. The tightly-honed lyrics, and driving performance of this album lead the band across the country, playing with acts like Metz, Ted Leo, La Luz, Dengue Fever, Magic Trick, and Love of Everything, among others.

Songs kept flowing as the band supported their first record, and Chris Sugiura moved from bass guitar to behind the console for the second, yet-to-be-released album, Face The Jazz. The new 12-song affair finds the band maturing in form and content, scanning the personal and political with smile and a snarl, with their signature guitar voicings and vocal arrangements. Mario Ruiz has taken the helm at bass, his punk and industrial roots from his time as bassist in All Your Sisters adds an edge and feeling that drives home these themes in the live setting.

-from Portland, OR

-After 10 years, two LP's, a mess of singles and EP's, and about 15 different guitar players, drummers and bass players, Bud Wilson is starting to figure out how this whole thing works.

Called everything from Freak-Folk to Prog-Pop, Their music is stuttering, spooky, sugary, driving, curious, and always catchy. Aan take a lot of sonic chances, employing out-jazz chord structures, soaring falsetto and throbbing low end. It's like Yes and Why? and The Who all together. Whoa, is that even ok?

Aan's last LP "Dada Distractions" was a heady chug of desperation and mourning. Finding influence equally in Aphrodite's Child and Alice in Chains. Their new tunes slated for LP3, Losing My Shadow, find the band in a much more bubbling soup of sound, with tracks vibing to an Odelay dirt pulse.

-from Oakland, CA
-Panchaeans is a Californian indie band driven by songwriter Patrick Abernethy, and co-piloted by the rhythm section of Pat Spurgeon (drums) and Emery Barter (bass). The band's previous incarnation was known as Pancho-san (a nod to their former home city of San Francisco). There were two self-released LPs, and shows with: The Fresh and Onlys, the Papercuts, Exray's, Tim Cohen's Magic Trick, Little Wings, The Blank Tapes, Rogue Wave, Admiral Radley (Jason Lytle), Miles Kurosky (of Beulah), among others. They took a long hiatus starting in 2014, and five years later have regrouped - in Oakland, CA - now resurfacing from their recording studio with a fresh four-song EP, Telecommuting, to be released on July 19th, 2019. The newly evolved band monicker - Panchaeans - was inspired by the storied inhabitants of an Ancient Greek historical-fictional island called Panchaea. The name change felt like a better reflection of where the band currently finds themselves - geographically, sonically, and existentially speaking.

On Telecommuting, the band returns with their eclectic and multi-layered sound; this time with a more focused direction, sounding bigger and more polished than the home cassette recordings of the previous releases.

"Stylistically, they evoke the enchantingly melancholy and shambling pop-rock of The Softies, Heavenly, and Beat Happening; the brittle, lo-fi synth-pop of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark; and the dense studio emotionalism of John Lennon's early solo work. The vocals are gauzy and heart-on-the-sleeve, and the songs sound as if they're emanating from a cave (where the "old man of the mountain" is Phil Spector)...[Panchaeans] excels at what too few bands attempt to attain — drawing from time-honored influences, but blessing them with a very personal spin." - Mark Keresman, East Bay Express