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Saturday July 20 2019
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
$12 in advance / $15 at the door
The Temple Beautiful 40th Anniversary Show #1

The Dils
  first San Francisco performance since 1979
  Punk Rock
No Alternative
  Punk Rock Hardcore
The Temple Beautiful Memorial Band
Fuzz Attack
 garage punk

The Dils
-from San Francisco, CA
-The Dils was an American punk rock band of the late 1970s, originally from Carlsbad, California, United States, and fronted by the brothers Chip Kinman and Tony Kinman.[1] They appeared as the second act in the "battle of the bands" sequence in Cheech and Chong's film, Up In Smoke, where they can be heard before being seen performing "You're Not Blank" (which ends with drummer Endre Algover complaining that he could not hear anything without stage monitors). After recording the single "I Hate the Rich" / "You're not Blank" (1977), Algover decided to go to college with Pat Garret (aka Rand McNally) from Oklahoma taking his place. He also produced the second single on DangerHouse Records, "Class War" / "Mr. Big". After he was jettisoned, John Silvers was brought in and the band relocated to San Francisco in February 1978.

Soon after forming in 1977 the band relocated to San Francisco, where they would have a significant influence on that city's embryonic punk scene (bassist Tony Kinman played briefly with The Avengers during 1977), and then Los Angeles, becoming one of the major bands in the early Los Angeles punk scene too. They were known for their conspicuous radical left politics, and for a strong melodic sense that earned them the nickname "punk rock Everly Brothers".[citation needed]

Their debut single was "I Hate The Rich" / "You're Not Blank" (the latter covered by the Minneapolis punk band Dillinger Four), on Los Angeles-based label What? Records, released in 1977 in what collectors refer to as the "Oils" sleeve - the lettering chosen for the band's logo looking more like "The Oils" than "The Dils" at first glance.[citation needed] This was later reissued by the same label in a more easy-to-decipher font. Their next record was their critical high-point, 1977's "Class War" / "Mr. Big" (the former covered by Canadian punks D.O.A.), issued on Dangerhouse label, in a pressing of 1500 copies entitled "198 Seconds Of The Dils". The last contemporary release was a three-sided double-7" in 1980, "Made In Canada", produced by Bob Rock, which showed a gathering roots rock orientation. The Dils was dissolved by the Kinman brothers in 1980.

Music from The Dils (including material unreleased during the band's lifetime) remains available.

No Alternative
Hugh Patterson
Greg Langston
Max Volume
-from San Francisco, CA

-Highly influential early punk / hardcore band from San Francisco, California, originally active from 1978 to 1982. No Alternative started off in San Francisco in 1979. Members Johnny Genocide (Hugh Patterson) and Jeff Rees formed KGB a year earlier with Drummer Zippy Pinhead and Guitarist Ron Ramos. Johnny Genocide had previously been guitarist for the Offs. KGB can be heard on the “Live at the Deaf Club” LP. The name change came when Zippy and Ron left and Johnny Genocide took over guitar. Drummer Greg Langston (from Tuxedomoon) took over drum duties in 1980. The band played constantly and became a club favorite. Shows with X, Black flag, the Plugz,Cramps, Flamin’ Groovies, Gexa X,Lydia Lunch,Sleepers…..The list goes on and on. The band took a break in 1983 but reformed briefly in 1989. Since 2006 with the addition of Max Volume (Naked Lady Wrestlers) on Bass, the band has been playing a few shows per year.   Greg Langston

The Temple Beautiful Memorial Band
-from San Francisco, CA
-THE TEMPLE BEAUTIFUL MEMORIAL BAND - The Temple Beautiful presented many bands that are still playing 40 years later. The Temple Beautiful Memorial Band will be celebrating with songs by bands that played at The Temple Beautiful between Mar 1979 - Mar 1981 that no longer play. Some of the bands they will pay tribute to are Tuxedomoon, Los Plugs, Suburban Lawns, The Jim Carroll Band among others. 
JENNI COPPERTONE - bass, plays with SexStar among others,                                                GREG LANGSTON - Drums, Plays with No Alternative, Screaming Bloody Marys, he played with Tuxedomoon when he was 19 yrs old and played drums at The Temple Beautiful many times
FUZZ MASTER - Guitar, Keyboards, vocals, currently plays with Hot Laundry & Fuzz Attack
KEVIN MOORE - Guitar, vocals, has played guitar for over 55 years in numerous bands
GEOFFREY POND - vocals, percussion, artistic director of the band. Co-produced punk rock shows at The Temple Beautiful '79-'81. Has performed in many bands. Producer of Subterranean Shakespeare Theatre where he has acted in many of The Bard's classic plays.
SOPHIE VOGEL - vocals, guitar, plays with The VKTMS, Girls With Guns and Yes Gos among others. 

Fuzz Attack 
-from San Francisco, CA
-FUZZ ATTACK will knock you over with their energy and power! They have been a regular favorite on the punk rock club scene for five years. Led by their amazing and electric lead guitar player Fuzz Master.

The Temple Beautiful 40th Anniversary

-While the Mabuhay Gardens has been long remembered for the many punk rock shows it produced, people who were not around then might not have heard of The Temple Beautiful, or The 1839 Geary Theater. For two years, March 1979 through March 1981, The Temple produced many shows with all of the leading punk rock bands of the west coast and beyond, including The Dead Kennedys, X, The Avengers, Mutants, D.O.A., Tuxedomoon, and many others. The first show featured The Dils, whose energy and political message set them apart. The Kinman brothers, Chip and Tony, led this dynamic trio. Songs like Class War, I Hate The Rich, and Mr. Big still ring true. The Clash did a secret show there, word of mouth only, and sold the old hall out. The Buzzcocks and Gang of Four played there together on their first US tour, with The Dils opening. The building itself was part of the fun in going. It was located on one of SF's most historic blocks. It stood between the legendary Fillmore Auditorium on one side and the infamous People's Temple on the other. With a big balcony and beautiful stained glass windows that came from Palestine around the horn in 1905, it was about half built in 1906, when the great quake and fire hit. They had to rebuild it. It served as a synagogue until the mid sixties. Bill Graham owned it for a few years, allowing the Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead to rehearse there. Paul McCartney jammed with The Jefferson Airplane at one such rehearsal in 1967. After The Temple Beautiful promoters left it, it was restored as a one-of-a-kind art piece by artist Tony Duquette. Unfortunately it was again damaged by the 1989 quake and shortly thereafter burned down. There is now a U.S. Post Office on the premises.