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Russ Kent, Paul Kott, Chris Corona, Joe Fucko, Johann Zamorra

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Sunday October 6 2019
  2:00PM doors -- music at 3:00PM
•••  21 AND OVER
Iron Man Moving & Subliminal SF presents...
  "The Subliminal Sunday BBQ"

   Afternoon BBQ Show: Free BBQ food!

High Tone Son Of A Bitch
 psychedelic hard rock
(members of goatsnake, buzz-oven, 16)
Shadow Limb
(from Chico)
progressive sludge

High Tone Son Of A Bitch    
Russ Kent, Paul Kott, Chris Corona,
Joe Fucko, Johann Zamorra
-from Oakland, CA

-Over the course of their career, the San Francisco’s Bay Area’s High Tone Son of a Bitch have been called many things, depending on what’s popular at the time: “stoner”, “NWOBHM”, “doom”, etc. But the band’s identity has always been more undefinable and original than any single trend. This tendency toward breaking the mold reflects the decades deep street level roots of all of their members, each of them pioneers in an underground music scene that once ostracized bands who sounded too much alike.
HTSoB "Velocipede" era circa 2004

First formed by the brothers Paul and Andrew Kott with Ron Nichols, the band ultimately pulled together the talents of an all star cast, with the line ups and contributing guests coming from and heading into bands like Kalas, Cruevo, Noothgrush, Hammers of Misfortune, Christ on Parade, Men of Porn, Neurosis, and others. The original lineup’s trajectory was cut short by tragedy when Andrew, who was struggling with addiction, died unexpectedly. In 2018, Andrew’s step-son Juan, who plays in a Latin Grammy-nominated Mexican regional band, urged Paul to start HTSOB up again. Paul gradually re-formed a revised lineup of the band that has now fully arisen in triumph from the ashes of tragedy. This newly minted restoration of High Tone Son of a Bitch features a core group of Russ Kent (Noothgrush, Alaric), Chris Corona (Wildeyes), Joe Fucko (Strychnine), Paul Kott (Kalas, Cruevo), and Johann Zamora (Men of Porn, Totimoshi), along with studio and itinerant live contributions from HTSOB’s first singer Scott Wagner, Dave Ed (Neurosis), and Sonny Reinhardt (Necrot, Saviours, Word Salad). HTSOB are premiering a new 2 song EP - Death of a New Day / Eye in the Sky - June 21st of 2019, releasing the new material digitally along with reissues of all previous recordings. The band has completed an East Coast tour with Weedeater and the Skull and a slot at Desertfest NYC in April of 2019, and will be on tour in a city near you soon.

  (members of goatsnake, buzz-oven, 16)
Kurk: guitar, vocals, noise
Scott: bass, van
Mateo: drums, vocals, samples
-from Los Angeles, CA

-Keverra is a Los Angeles-based trio that formed in 2018. The band’s sound hails from several genres including: metal, post-punk and noise rock.
 The lineup includes current/ex-members of Southern California dirgers and Goatsnake, as well as the ambient noise project Mayan Bull.
 The trio recently went into the studio to record their debut album with Chicago-based producer/engineer Sanford Parker (Mirrors for Psychic Warfare, Buried at Sea.) Additional tracking was done with Phil Vera (Despise You/Trappist) at Veracuda Studios in L.A. They expect to release the album in late 2019.

Dan: guitar
Carlos: vocals
Cris: drums
Kunjan : bass
Oakland, CA
-Oakland Stoner Violence

Shadow Limb
Mike Crew, Dan Elsen,
Chris Roberts, Adam Scarborough
-from Chico/Magalia/Stirling City, CA

-Shadow Limb’s instrumentals are absolutely massive, with equal doses of technically oriented prog-rock, atmospheric textures and bottom-heavy metal. The song structures are mostly linear, with distinct sections, but the sections themselves are succinct and the songs usually clock in between five and seven minutes, which is the prog-metal equivalent of a simple pop song.