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Wednesday November 13 2019
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
•••  21 AND OVER
$12 in advance / $14 at the door
Talent Moat presents...

  from Memphis
 postpunk psychedelic
The World
 post-punk funk
Body Double    
 (ex-Mansion, Silver Shadows)
 neo no-wave

-from Memphi,TN
-NOTS are a 4 piece, all XX, “nuevo no wavo” band from Memphis, TN. Unpredictable guitars, celestial synths, and punctuated vocals swirl around the repetition of a powerful rhythm section to form a sound and a live show not easily classifiable but entirely addictive. Drummer Charlotte Watson and guitarist / frontwoman Natalie Hoffmann are the band’s two constants throughout a handful of roster changes. NOTS’ current lineup also includes Alexandra Eastburn on synth, an instrument she picked up to join NOTS and to record on their first full-length LP We Are Nots, and bassist Meredith Lones, another new Memphis musician, and the most recent addition to the band. NOTS’ newest punk-noise-psych-collision 7”, Virgin Mary, aggressively follows on the heels of their debut LP, foreshadowing an ever expanding experiment in direction of things to come for the band. Don’t miss out.

The World
-from Oakland, CA
-THE WORLD are five people from Oakland, California who write rambunctious dance music with a post punk tool kit and an insightful yet short attention span. Their songs typically clock in around two minutes long and are a wild head-rush of Amber Sermeno's funk-minded bass lines and shuddering dubbed-out guitar courtesy of Andy Jordan. Amber also sings alongside Elyse Schrock, who anchors their propulsive songs with some supremely robust drumming. The steady beat is bolstered by Stanley Martinez's flurrying saxophone melodies and Alexa Pantalone's expansive bongo rhythms. Alexa also plays sax on half of the songs too, contributing further to the complex interplay of instruments that make The World's music so immediate, compelling and groove conscious.

The World sound like the future erupting out of all your favourite DIY punk 7"s simultaneously. There's the infectious momentum of Essential Logic driving things ever forward, the arty minimalism of Lilliput underscoring the band's lyrical subject matter. Whilst the instinctual songwriting of Swell Maps pervades alongside the manic humour and inclusiveness of Splodge. The World use all these lightning rods as jumping on points to hurtle us all into a new dimension very much of their own making. This upsurge of energy and vision has now been skillfully captured on the band's debut LP 'First World Record', out this October 6th on Upset The Rhythm.

Body Double
-from Oakland, CA
-BODY DOUBLE is the creation of Oakland-based musician/songwriter/front woman Candace Lazarou. Though a stylistic departure away from her former band Mansion’s brand of neo no-wave minimal skronk, the presence of Lazarou’s vocal and lyrical stylings still have a bold presence in Body Double. Three years of Lazarou’s songwriting, home recording and searching for the right line up has produced a fully formed band and a quality crop of well thought out new songs. Though a bit more melodic than Lazarou’s past work, Body Double delivers still just the right amount of surprises and an overall sense of cleverly executed vitriol that’s urgently needed in these times. “The goal of this project is to foster intimacy through effective communication” says Lazarou. And if that description sounds vague it’s not an accident. Lazarou adds “We want to disconcert."