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Tuesday November 19 2019
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
 Hip-Hop/Rap Pop
Sad Boy KJ
OG GhostHaze
 singer/songwriter: from hip-hop to alternative rock to soul
CARELESSAJJJ ------Michael Sneed off the bill

-from San Francisco, CA
-XANUBIS is an artist from the Bay Area, using rhythm and off the wall thoughts to create music Google considers Alternative/Indie.

Sad Boy KJ
-from San Francisco, CA
-Forging a revolutionary plethora of art projects, KJ influences and empowers the next generation to create positive change in society and in their own lives with heavy bass ballads of heartbreak and tracks of unmatched teen angst.

OG GhostHaze
-from Oakland, CA/New York, NY
-oghosthaze is a musical artist born-and-raised in Oakland, CA. They hope to disrupt, destruct, and unify through their sounds.
ISIS is an artist born-and-raised in Oakland, CA. Growing up in a family of music heads, Isis started musical training at the age of four when they began taking piano lessons. Isis spent most of youth at the Young Musicians Program, honing classical and jazz skills that continue to be reflected in their sounds. A self-taught guitarist at the age of 16, they skillfully utilize improvisation in their music, creating sound that expands through various genres, from Hip-Hop to rock to blues. Isis is influenced by musical mentor D’Wayne Wiggins of Toni Tony Tone, artists like Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse, and activists like Jayne Cortez and Assata Shakur. As reflected by their BA in American Studies concentrating in Race and Music from Barnard College, Isis’s work focuses on imagining sounds and spaces of liberation for those who exist outside of the confines of dominant society.

Isis finds power and freedom in sound. For Isis, music is a way of experiencing the self and the world as well as a way of sharing and connecting with others. Much of their music-making centers on the exploration of identity and existence, creating and finding selves, worlds, and realities. Isis hopes to disrupt, destruct, and unify through their sounds.

-from East Palo Alto, CA
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