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Wednesday December 4 2019
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
$12 in advance / $14 at the door
 dream pop indie rock
Luke Sweeney’s Peace Meal Group
 rock garage psych indie-folk lo-fi
Locus Pocus
 Garagey Psych Rock and Roll

-from the Philipines/Los Angels, CA
-EyedressBioEyedress is the alias of Filipino artist Idris Vicuņa, formerly lead guitarist of Manila basedpsychedelic indie/noise pop band Bee Eyes. Born in 1990 in the city of Makati, Philippines,Vicuņa relocated to the US with his family at the age of 6. He was raised in Phoenix, Arizonabefore moving to San Clemente, California at the age of 13, where he started playing bass in aCrass-influenced crust punk band.In 2005, Vicuņa moved back to Manila where he formed Bee Eyes with friends Julius Valledorand Diego Abad. Valledor taught Vicuņa the art of sampling and making loops. During downtimefrom the band Vicuņa pursued his own solo project which would eventually become Eyedress.He released his first solo record entitled "Hearing Colors” in 2013. It was well received by musicblogs and led to him signing his first record deal with XL Recordings imprint Abeano. Later thatyear they released his EP “Supernatural” which saw praise from publications such as TheGuardian and NME.He followed up in 2016 with his second full length, "Shapeshifter", on his own label Babe Slayer.The title track featured King Krule under his Edgar The Breathtaker alias, as well as severalunderground artists including London rapper Oscar #Worldpeace and LA rapper Pyramid Vritra.Now signed to UK label Lex Records, he released his third full length record “Manila Ice” in2017, which gained support from The Fader, Hypebeast, Pigeons and Planes, and i-D.2018 has seen him release a series of singles which hint at a new direction and set the stage forhis fourth album, was released via Lex Records in November 2018.

Luke Sweeney’s Peace Meal Group
-from San Francisco, CA
-Dubbed “classic rock’s piercingly bright diamond in the rough” (BandsInTown News), San Francisco poet, composer, and misty-eyed multi-instrumentalist Luke Sweeney branched out of previous outfits in 2013 to release two critically acclaimed albums: the handcrafted solo debut Ether Ore (self-released) and full-studio breakout Adventure:Us (2014, Aerobic International), in which he expanded into “far-reaching pop, psychedelic, and classic-rock realms with humor and irreverence—both calling cards of Sweeney's songwriting” (Portland Mercury). In between tours, Sweeney was working on the songs that would make up the album Peace Meal from an apartment overlooking the Pacific Ocean as well as at Faraway Sound in Brooklyn, NY, with his friend and collaborative partner Robin MacMillan. The goal was to make this record quickly, before questions on the meaning of it all could reach him. Then, on a fateful night in April 2018, just as the final mixes for the album were being completed, an astrological grip intercepted Sweeney’s life when he awoke to find his infant daughter no longer breathing and the toughest of life’s questions falling all around him.
      A “pillar of San Francisco's garage-psych community” (TheBayBridged), Luke Sweeney has been a working musician for over a decade, playing with a wide variety of cohorts such as Tim Cohen (Fresh & Onlys), Tyson Vogel (Two Gallants), and Healing Potpourri. His personal output has always sparked interest among the interesting - an artist’s artist, so to speak - as he “confounds aural expectations and puts the knock on reverence… with time-worn allusions to psychedelia, bubblegum, glam, and mellow Seventies balladry” (Austin Chronicle) and “a kaleidoscopic whoosh of psych-pop, indie-folk, lo-fi soul and futuristic blues” (Bend Bulletin). Now, while those muses are still very present in his approach, the arrival of Peace Meal feels like something of a rebirth. Perhaps the songs were the fruit of a communicative collaboration between this plane of existence and another; Sweeney says the lyrics to ‘Great Wide Ocean’, written on the studio floor long before his daughter Rishi was conceived, came to him as if sent from another realm.
      Meanwhile, breezy melodies and buoyant beats soundtrack what is musically Sweeney’s most pop-oriented album to date: "It is easy to hear why this album has a healing quality for Sweeney; Peace Meal digs deep and balances a strong introspective slant with melodies reaching out for listeners and inviting them into its musical world. It deserves consideration as his finest work yet… It reaffirms Sweeney’s position as one of the best writers and performers working in the indie scene today" (Too Much Love). Moving forward and getting back on the proverbial horse, Sweeney had these words to offer - ”When the wheel stops spinning and the gears fall apart, the consciousness of the artist comes alive and puts a beat back into our collective heart.

Locus Pocus
Vocals- Nate Budroe
Guitar- Kyle Chapman
Bass- Daniel de Lorimier
Drums- Michael Kipnis
Organ & Rhodes- Daniel Markowitz
-from San Francisco, CA

-What is Locus Pocus? A question, an affirmation, a soothing psychic balm in a world gone mad. We all strive for answers to life’s most vexing questions- Why do bad things happen to good people? What does it mean to live a virtuous life? Why won’t my girlfriend dance with me? Some seek refuge in the divine. Others, Scientology. Locus Pocus strives to transcend these fleeting ephemera and inhabit a truly higher plane of being, one pulsing with the driving rhythms of drummer Michael Kipnis and bassist Daniel de Lorimier. Amid the shallow decadence of modern society, submit to the commanding authority of George S. Rosenthal’s guitar and the spellbinding keyboard of Daniel Markowitz. The world is on fire, and you can hear it in Vivian Cook’s voice.

Conceived in the depths of a Bay Area fever dream, Locus Pocus is the response to the question you were too puny and afraid to ask. It’s the voice in the distance that lures you outside of the cave and into the light. The extra dimension that keeps you from hurtling over the cliff like so many walruses who came before you.

Abandon your friends, say farewell to your family- they’re but thinly-veiled witches who want nothing more than for you to stray from the one true path. Let your mind peel away like a gently blooming onion and allow Locus Pocus to do the thinking for you.