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Saturday December 14 2019
  8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
 Punk Rock
The Nerv
Album release
  Punk / Thrash
The Hajj
 alternative rock

Guitar - Rikk Agnew
Drums - Casey Royer
Lead Vocals - Frank Agnew Jr.
Guitar - John O'Donovan
Bass - Dan Colburn
-from Orange County, CA

-Radolescents (featuring Rikk Agnew and Casey Royer) play the ADOLESCENTS blue album in sequence in it's entirety + All 3 songs from WELCOME TO REALITY EP. The line-up is all ex-Adolescents members!

The Nerv
Nis Anthrope - Vocals
Chris Campbell - Guitar
Dede "Dragonlady" Lee - Bass
Genesis Valentine - Drums
-from San Francisco, CA

-A new generation of Punk is rising, infused with what originally made Punk Rock great –raw power, combined with a socially conscious worldview. Fronted by powerful female vocals, The NERV packs a punch with their heavy, driving beats and brutal, in-your-face instrumentation combined with provocative lyrical content.


The NERV was born in San Francisco in 2007 with Nis Anthrope on the mic, Christ Campbell and Chain Martinez (both of Wrong Approach) on guitars, El Carcass (The Rinds) and Ricky Wayne Garrett (Inferno of Joy) on the drums. Nis and Chris were later joined by bassist Dede Lee (Kittenhead, Jack Killed Jill) and drummer Genesis Valentine (BrainChile, The Golden Hexagrams). The NERV has collaborated with drummers Andy V. Galleon (Death Angel), featured on “Trust In Fire” (LP, 2016), Paul Hopkins (Skinlab), Mike86 (Nihilist Cunt), and Clitty Bob Powers (Mennaquin Planet, Zombie Morita).


As a political group, The NERV has no shortage of inspiration under the current administration. Originally raging against George W Bush and the erosion of civil liberties on domestic soil, The NERV self-released “The Now Crisis” (Vinyl LP, 2009) on joke label, Capitalist Records. Fueled by the #Occupy movement and outrage at police brutality witnessed in the Bay Area, specifically the shooting of Oscar Grant in a BART train station, The NERV created Epic Failure Records to self-release “Decivilized” (EP, 2011) #BlackLivesMatter. The NERV originally self-released their third album “Trust In Fire” as Stony Records, but in 2016 they signed with punk label Die Laughing Records, which is re-releasing and distributing “Trust In Fire” and “Decivilized” globally.


The NERV has shared stages with D.R.I., D.O.A., Agent Orange, The Dickies, Lower Class Brats, The Vandals, T.S.O.L, PHILM (feat. Dave Lombardo of Slayer), The Undead (feat. Bobby Steele of the Misfits), Unwritten Law, The Freeze, Battalion of Saints, and The Tubes.

“We believe in the power of music and art to create social change on a systemic level. The NERV stands for emancipation, empowerment, and compassion for all forms of life. We sing to overthrow systems that perpetuate oppression.” ~ Nis Anthrope

“Hard work, hard music, good friends and good times.” ~ Christ Campbell

-from Los Angeles and Oakland, CA
-Kittenhead was started in May 2012 in Los Angeles, and is based in California. Today, Kittenhead has three members are in the Southern California (Los Angeles/Orange County), and two members in Northern California (Oakland).
Kittenhead released their latest EP, “NYB”, a five-song EP with the title track, “Not Your Bitch”, which like every punk rock song, is about the current crisis and status of our country. The EP has received rave reviews from multiple publications and radio stations both terrestrial and internet format, are playing “NYB”, “Bloom”, “Confusion”, “143”, and “Numb”. Songs from the NYB EP are on current rotation on the Colorado Phil Radio Show in Boulder Colorado, Rock Rage Radio, Punk and Disorderly, and Cowboy Joe Radio. The band’s music was played on Radio Free Brooklyn, the #3 terrestrial radio station in the greater New York Metro in October 2018. Kittenhead’s music will be featured in the upcoming indie film “Makeup”, which will be released in early 2019.

The Hajj
-from Los Angeles, CA
-A journey through food, music and travel. This is our Pilgrimage.