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Friday January 3 2020
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
Death Valley High
 death disco
Silver Snakes
 Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Tech Pop
Roman Lions
 Post-Hardcore, Rock, Metal

Death Valley High
reyka osburn
adam bannister
huffy hafera
sean bivins
-from San Francisco, CA

-Swerving between the sarcastic and the saccharine, horror obsessed provocateurs DEATH VALLEY HIGH deliver doom pop and death disco of the highest order. Outburn heralded them as the “New Face of Goth Rock,” while UK tastemaker Kerrang! advised fans of Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails to take note. But where most macabre music-makers craft anthems for the grave, DEATH VALLEY HIGH make songs to wake the dead. These guys don’t dwell in melancholy; this is a funeral procession to dance to. Universal monsters, Hammer films, and haunted houses collide within their sonic psyche, earning them coveted spots on tours with likeminded rabble-rousers like Killing Joke, Combichrist, Crosses, Powerman 5000, and Orgy. DEATH VALLEY HIGH turns convention on its head, with unapologetic distaste for conformity and a tongue-in-cheek whimsy. DEATH VALLEY HIGH is unmistakably important, conjuring New Romantic majesty for the modern age.

Silver Snakes
Vocals, Guitar, Synth, Programming / Alex Estrada
Bass / Michael Trujillo
Guitar / Mike Woods
-from Los Angeles, CA

-Inside a nondescript industrial building, just outside of Los Angeles’ Chinatown neighborhood, Silver Snakes’ singer, songwriter and producer, Alex Estrada, sits at the helm of his Pale Moon Audio Studios, putting the finishing touches on the bands fourth proper full length, Death and the Moon. The new album, the second for Claudio Sanchez’ EVIL INK RECORDS, follows 2017’s Scathe EP which saw the band leaning in a more electronic direction and featuring covers of acts who’d helped shape their current direction, such as Garbage and Ministry. Death and the Moon expands upon that path, finding the band as much in the industrial space, as in the dark rock roots of previous full length, Saboteur. Lyrically, Death and the Moon follows in its predecessor’s footsteps, and one will certainly recognize similar guitar work but from the opening notes of track 1, “Smokedance,” you’ll immediately discover a synth hook and electronic beat.

Scott Wagner, Bobby Carroll,
Max Coley, Vinnie Hecht
-from San Francisco, CA

-We are Raiju, a Progressive Metal/Rock band based in San Francisco, CA prepared to shred through any city with technical electricity. Embrace the Beast.
Now, more than ever, Raiju is growing and becoming unabashedly themselves. The band seeks a more profound kind of fun that celebrates all of life, not just the comfortable parts. This isn't another shallow mess of songs about money and drugs, nor is it just heavy for heaviness's sake. Here is a band that mixes playful cheers for the good times with fearless war-cries to confront the bad times. Here are life's hardest lessons delivered with a gentle hand, and our most subtly ingrained deceptions smacked to the floor and shattered violently. It is a freakish mix, an active car crash, an insoluble duality...but then again, aren't we all? Come along.

Roman Lions
Justin Tracy, Matt Tracy, Kenny Williams,
Robert Kinsella, Joshua Case
-from San Jose, CA

- Hailing from San Jose the members have spent time in Lilu Dallas (mathy/ambient tech-grind), Octaves (post-hardcore), A Perfect Kiss (emo/rock) and West Memphis Three (rock/screamo). Their influences are vast but the ones I hear most are The Saddest Landscape, Rinoa, Moving Mountains and Pianos Become The Teeth. The vocals are reminiscent of the shredding screams of Boneflower, Leveless, Titan and perhaps even Ken Mode. - fantastically strained screams (and some low end vocals) on "Sunsufferer" with instrumentals not unlike Suffocate For Fuck Sake, Young Mountain and We Never Learned To Live (aka Sweden)

- very spacey yet dense instrumentals on "Why Killers Demand" that bring to mind the hazy instrumentals of Pettersson.