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Wednesday April 29 2020

Show canceled:
All advance tickets will get automatically refunded.

Wednesday April 29 2020
  8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
 •••  21 AND OVER
$12 in advance / $14 at the door
Scott Yoder
 folk garage glam goth
 folk grunge neoclassical world
Michael Michael Motorcycle
 Indie Rock

Scott Yoder
-from Seattle, WA
-Emerging from the wreckage of his childhood band The Pharmacy, Scott Yoder arrived clad in a black cloak, stomping to the beat of his own sparkling tambourine. Over the course of two LPs he has toured the world, espousing a more personal distillation of his cathartically melancholic song craft. Nearly always on the road, he has honed his live act with a crunching, yet sensitive backing band of similarly-inclined glam misfits. The glitter-folk balladeer, adorned in mascara & bell bottoms invites you to sway to his entrancing charm as he released a series of 6 singles in 2019.

“A punch-drunk ode to cosmic love; one that you'll want to leave repeating on your turntable." - KEXP

"Strong and personable, casting a spell over you that continues to buzz about your head.” - Grey Estates

"Visually, he evokes the glam of T. Rex and “Aladdin Sane”-era David Bowie while being more on par musically with the brooding genius of Brian Wilson.” (Purehoney Magazine)

"loud, sexy, witchy, visceral, and rocking as shit.” - Respect My Region

“The guitar is powerful and Yoder’s voice is pure. Scott Yoder continues to be one of my favorite alt-rock acts.” - Elevator Magazine

“No matter what the sound the songwriting remains the strongest part of Scott’s work” - Clunk Magazine

-from Sonoma, CA
-A chance encounter near the peak of Eiger in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland sparked an even less likely musical collaboration that is currently clothed as 'Pilgrims'. New Zealander art-school runaway Cary Furjwrd literally stumbled upon Sky Farquharson - a disowned heir to a Scottish distillery - on a trail up the west flank that nearly led to their death, but instead inspired an otherworldly realization that opened up a new spiritual path forward through music and imagination. In their poetic universe, only the surreal and silly survive.

"We had no business being on that mountain, or making it off alive for that matter. Trekking down from a formidable, unforgiving rock looking like two sticks of taffy made us think about the fragility of life itself. What a precious thing it is, and most of it wasted on making things harder on ourselves, on others. So we decided to devote the rest of our time in these bodies to making life lighter, easier, more like air and water and wind than rock," explains Farquharson. "Windie-Rock" chimes Furjwrd, with a distinct Kiwi chortle. Appropriately, their thread of music feels like it's cut from a more malleable element than just 'rock'. "What we make will always be in progress, and the integration of our music into the collective conscience is a conversation that happens simultaneously along with its disintegration," says Farquharson. "We'll always be amateurs. Anyone who says they're a professional is merely practiced at the art of pretense," says Furjwrd.

After a few train stops through Europe together, collecting instruments, records, films, and books, the fast friends embarked on a maiden journey to the U.S. in 2018, where they are still awaiting proper documentation to remain. "It's silly to consider yourself a citizen anywhere, really, when you can just stamp your feet and clap your hands and declare yourself a part of the earth... though I suppose it's easier for us to blend in here. Most people in the States don't seem to be scared of light-skinned folks with funny accents" quips Furjwrd. After brief stints in New York, Nashville, Asheville, Austin, and Los Angeles, the ambitious young craftsmen landed in a house in remote Sonoma County through the connections of a family friend. This is where they simultaneously wrote and performed the composite of their self-titled debut release, which is 7 minutes of intersecting nirvana, delirium, chaos, and lucid musing with a surprising lack of pretense. It was enough to spur the folks of new San Francisco label Orphan Records (founded by Tyson Vogel of Two Gallants) to make it their official unofficial first release - due soon on limited edition 7" - Walt Zing

Michael Michael Motorcycle
Michael Pannone - Guitar, Vocals
Susie Chinisci - Bass, Vocals
Bennett Schatz - Sax, Bass
Tyler Johnson - Drums, Keys
Adam Abeyta - Guitar, Vocals
Jesse Cobb - Guitar
-from San Francisco, CA

-The five-member SF group describes itself as a rock and roll band, but also have some bluegrass and folk themes.