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Friday June 12 2020

The Simply Saucer show is postponing and will be rescheduled for later this year, exact date as yet unknown. Your tickets will be transferred to the new date automatically unless you request a refund, which you can do at any time. Once it is rescheduled, we will let you know the new date, and you will still have one more opportunity at that time to request a refund if you cannot make the new date.

Friday June 12 2020
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
 •••  21 AND OVER
$15 in advance / $18 at the door
Talent Moat presents...
Simply Saucer Cyborgs Revisited Tour 2020
Simply Saucer
 space-rock, prog-rock, psych, proto-punk
Violent Change
 rock, punk
Carlton Melton
 psychedelic rock

Simply Saucer  
-from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
-Emerging from the industrial city of Hamilton, Ontario in the 1970s, Simply Saucer created a distinct, original sound that was decidedly out of step with the current musical climate. The band played edgy rock & roll that was a combination of early punk pre-cursors (Velvets, Stooges, Modern Lovers), krautrock (Can, Neu, early Kraftwerk), and U.K. prog/psych (Hawkwind, Pink Fairies, Syd Barrett - both with and without Pink Floyd). The unusual history of the band and its penchant for resonating with younger audiences and bands (Ty Segall released a 7” covering their song, Bullet Proof Nothing) kept the flame alive, inspiring a loyal, worldwide cult following.

The deluxe double LP reissue of the band’s classic album, Cyborgs Revisted, was released in 2018 by renowned LA garage label, In the Red Recordings, and is now on its second repressing. In 2019, the band received rave reviews for its tour through the US midwest/south including a standout performance at Gonerfest in Memphis. On this June 2020 tour, Simply Saucer will be playing the Cyborgs Revisited album in its entirety plus some of its newest material that was released in 2018.  Aside from an appearance at Scion Fest in Portland, OR in 2009, these dates will be Simply Saucer's first-ever shows west coast shows.

"Here's a band that could splice the DNA of Syd Barrett and Soft Machine with Iggy Pop and the Velvet Underground, that could bridge post-psychedelic mind-altering electronics with a buzzed proto-punk urgency: the ultimate garage band, rehearsing constantly and trying everything and doing it all at top fucking volume.” - Pitchfork 8.8 review

“Simply Saucer are a divine mix of early Pink Floyd (with Syd Barrett still mercifully intact) and The Velvet Underground (when Andy Warhol was at the helm and urging them towards the Exploding Plastic Inevitable). They are all this and more; a Suicide with a lust for life; a Silver Apples that are running with electronic juice! Sheer, ecstatic, underground bliss.” — NME

"When Simply Saucer formed in Hamilton, Ontario in the early 1970s, it was one of a small number of isolated, visionary North American and UK bands working in the space opened up by the Velvet Underground, the MC5, the Stooges, Sun Ra, Captain Beefheart and Krautrock.  Because Simply Saucer was active in the early and middle 1970s, writers often refer to them as “proto-punk.”  As with their contemporaries Pere Ubu, the term is fine as a strictly chronological designation, but it unfortunately implies that the band’s aesthetic was crude and undeveloped, which is not the case.  Cyborgs Revisited, the album of mid-70s recordings on which most of Simply Saucer’s legendary status is justly based, does not sound like a bridge between the Velvets and the Ramones, or anything like that; it sounds like a fully realized and elaborated sonic vision, created almost in secret by people aware of the prophetic power of their music, if unsure of its legacy.  As it turned out, Simply Saucer’s mid-70s hypnotic death-trip groove rock anticipated the sound of such 80s underground bands as the Scientists, the Birthday Party and Sonic Youth.” - Amoeba Music

Violent Change
Matt Bleyle with: Jess, Blaine, Alexa, Stanley
-from San Francisco, CA

-Violent Change is a rock band from the Bay Area featuring members of Sopors, Abi Yoyos, and Ovens.

Carlton Melton  
Andy Duvall, Clint Golden, Rich Millman
-from Northern California

-Mendocino County in Northern California is known for its spectacular coastline views, immense redwood trees in ancient forests and abundant nature that remains largely undisturbed by man. It is perhaps the most logical home base for a band like Carlton Melton, who compose and record their music in a geodesic dome (a.k.401ka. The Dome). It is the perfect setting for a band creating meditative soundtracks freed from the constraints of traditional song composition.

While Carlton Melton’s sound is heavily inspired by psychedelic music, it is equal parts, blues, rock, improvisation and drone. Whether the band is hanging on a well-defined riff reminiscent of Led Zeppelin or Joe Walsh or largely abandoning conventional music structure la Spacemen 3 and Bardo Pond, Carlton Melton uses layers, textures and repetition to create music that makes full use of the spaces in between notes and chord changes … sonic explorations if you will.

The music that Carlton Melton makes is bold and does not hesitate to “go there” just to see what the heck might be still left out there in the world of unexplored improvisational and psychedelic music. And there is a lot of ground left to explore and cover. Whether it’s in The Dome or in the live setting, Carlton Melton give themselves full permission to realize and create spontaneous sounds and create genuine musical gestures that resonate beautifully with audiences throughout the world. How many bands can claim that?