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Sunday September 5 2021
  7:30PM doors -- music at 8:00PM
Surprise Privilege
 punk rock
Fail Safe
 pop punk
Moms With Bangs
  formerly known as Peach Fuzz
 garage punk

Surprise Privilege
-from San Francisco, CA
-We're Surprise Privilege from SF. We play loud fast punk music outside in nature and sometimes we are even invited indoors for shows. Listen to our fantastic songs whilst thrashing your body wildly on the ground.

Fail Safe
-from San Jose, CA
-Fail Safe is a band from San Jose, CA and plays a combination of emo and punk music. You can listen to them on Spotify and Youtube and follow them on Instagram @failsafe.ig
Originally from Sunnyvale California. Started in a garage by the two founding members, Fail Safe quickly grew in popularity on social media. Their music focuses on mundane topics like love, relationships, and the experience of living in the world after high-school and college, to topics like guns, sex robots, and self harm.

Moms With Bangs
  formerly known as Peach Fuzz
-from Novato, CA