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Tuesday December 28 2021

The M Jones and the Melee show is being postponed, exact date as yet unknown. Your tickets will be transferred to the new date automatically unless you request a refund, which you can do at any time. Once it is rescheduled, we'll let you know the new date, and you'll again have the chance at that time to request a refund if you cannot make the new date.

Tuesday December 28 2021
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM

 •••  21 AND OVER
M Jones and the Melee
 psychedelic garage rock
 indie rock jazz
Ariel Wang
 power folk

M Jones and the Melee 
M. Jones - guitars, vocals, synths, keys
Justin Vanegas - bass, vocals
Jono Costa - drums
Ariel Wang - violin
Lewis Patzner - cello
Jason Bolich - drums
-from Oakland, CA

-There’s a big wave coming and it’s getting ready to break. M Jones and the Melee is a rock band based out of Oakland, CA. Fronted by guitarist and songwriter M Jones, their theatrical performing style has been likened to that of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Santa Cruz native M Jones struck out under her own name after bouncing around the bay area music scene for several years, writing songs to come to terms with the grief, anger, and tension of the times. Her songs draw from a number of styles, featuring funky guitar riffs and driving rhythms steeped in roots sensibilities and a healthy dose of psychedelic noise. The Melee formed in August 2019 with the arrival of bass player Justin Vanegas, drummer Jono Costa, and fiddle player Ariel Wang.

-from San Francisco, CA
-All of the art, ridiculousness, and endless ideas in her head brings Ellie Stokes to describe her music under one, made-up, oh-so-goofy word: Grooblen.
Reflecting surreal, pensive, haunting, and at times silly themes in her music, San Francisco's Ellie Stokes is a flailing dinosaur trapped in a young womxn’s body using art to help herself and others heal and transport them to another flippity-dippity musical world very unlike the one we all currently live in. 
Grooblen is an accumulation of all of the above, and a little bit more, all presented in verse, catchy melodies, and the occasional “frrrm” of an accordion or "whirrrr" of a Nord-gan.

Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music links below, here's a handy dandy link to Bandcamp- but really, you can stream Grooblen anywhere you darn well please.

Ariel Wang 
-from Oakland, CA
-“Wang’s music feels like the soundtrack to a powerful moment and listening, watching, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed in the right kind of way.”

— Michelle Kicherer, The Deli Magazine

After almost a decade since the inception of her first grassroots EP,  Ariel Wang has come into herself as an artist and musician with the  writing and recording of her new full-length, “Bridges.” With splashes  of bowed banjo and thumping cello, complex string arrangements and  acoustic guitar, her music pulls from a deep grounding in folk with  traces of metal, western classical music, and progressive rock, growing  from her latest EP, “Cat Faze.” The new album traces her path of growth,  lessons, traumas, triumphs, love, and heartbreak, cataloging  experiences both unique yet universal. Recorded at New, Improved Studio  in Oakland with some exceptional Bay Area talent, the sounds are  wide-ranging but connected, passionate and grounded.

Although she identifies as a Bay Area native, and has spent almost two  decades in the East Bay, her roots spread wide, having lived as a child in multiple parts of the country from Chicago to Baton Rouge. Her background is a Bachelors in Psychology from UC Berkeley, Masters in Violin Performance from San Francisco State University, a truffle-maker with local chocolatier, Coracao Confections, frolicking in the Northern California woods, and deep immersion in the East Bay area underground music scene. One of her life-long endeavors is to create events which bring together a wild cast of characters, and so “Bridges” not only refers to the connection of a person to her younger self, but also the bridges between communities that are crucial to their vitality.