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Wednesday February 16 2022

[as of 2/8/2022]
The previously scheduled show—with El Perro
— is canceled.

Wednesday February 16 2022
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
 •••  21 AND OVER
$13 in advance / $15 at the door
El Perro
  featuring Parker Griggs of Radio Moscow
 psychedelic latin funk rock
 Psychedelic rock
Slow Phase  --------The Mutilations off the bill
 heavy rock proto-metal

El Perro 
  featuring Parker Griggs of Radio Moscow
 psychedelic latin funk rock
-from San Diego, CA
-A brand new band led by guitarist/vocalist/songwriter/producer Parker Griggs, El Perro contains elements fans of his band Radio Moscow will recognize, but with a new, fresh spin and feel.  Whereas Radio Moscow is a power trio drawing from the traditions of heavy psychedelic rock, El Perro takes that starting point and adds the additional instrumentation of a second guitar and a percussionist, pushing the music into more syncopated territory, spiced with Latin rhythms and hints of Funkadelic-style grooves.

“About a year ago I started getting into some new sounds and influences and was hungry to do something fresh,” says Griggs.  “I started laying down some new ideas and was recording it like a solo project. I really liked the new direction; it was heading in a different way than Radio Moscow and I wanted to bring it to life as a five-piece band and put it out there.”

Former Radio Moscow drummer Lonnie Blanton, who is based in Salt Lake City, was travelling thru California and Parker noticed this on Instagram.  “I was traveling throughout California in April of this year,” recalls Blanton.  “Parker heard that I was in (San Diego), hit me up and told me about this new project he was doing. We hadn’t played together since touring as Radio Moscow back in 2012, so I was instantly stoked. Started jamming the next day!”

Lonnie in turn recommended bassist Shawn Davis; the two had been playing together in SLC for a decade and formed a tight allegiance that made for a forceful rhythm section.  Griggs knew he wanted to have another guitarist on board to create the funky interweaving lines he was hearing and creating in his home recordings.  Holland Redd came to mind as he’d played guitar in Petyr, who joined Radio Moscow for a tour of the USA in 2017.  Add to this additional percussion, and the El Perro sound and style coalesced.

After a few weeks of rehearsal, the band debuted in Las Vegas and quickly followed that with shows throughout Northern and Southern California, with European dates already lined up.  From CBS News San Francisco reporter Dave Pehling’s preview of El Perro’s show at the Chapel:
“While Griggs was busy touring with (Radio Moscow) through this past summer with an extended jaunt through Europe, he recently announced the formation of a new ensemble called El Perro. Taking a different approach to psychedelic rock, the group cites influence from acts on the more soulful and funkier end of the psych spectrum like Black Merda, the Bar Kays and Funkadelic.The quintet featuring onetime Radio Moscow touring drummer Lonnie Blanton, guitarist Holland Redd (UFO TV, Petyr), bassist Shawn Davis and percussionist Blake Armstrong also injects some Latin flavor into its hard-grooving psychedelic jams. The band played its first ever show in Las Vegas earlier this month, supporting former Kyuss/Fu Manchu drummer Brant Bjork.”

-from San Francisco, CA
-Agouti hails from San Francisco, CA. Their first album, Nodes, was recorded in Caruso's basement, amongst analog keyboards, old tape recorders, and home-made organ cabinets.

Slow Phase
-from Oakland, CA
-SLOW PHASE is a “badass power trio explosion!” - Dave Pehling, Bay Area music scribe

It was only after having spent 3 years woodshedding James Gang, KISS, Mountain, Zeppelin, Zappa, Grand Funk and the like, that the band decided to go "original" and christened themselves SLOW PHASE, after the most righteous setting on the 1971 Maestro Phase Shifter.

The trio is powered by drum wizard Richard Stuverud, known for his work with Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament (RNDM, Tres Mountains, Three Fish) and many more well-loved bands (Fastbacks, 3rd Ear Experience, Tribe After Tribe, among others). Stuverud started out in the Seattle music scene of the 80s-90s where he developed his wildly dynamic style that sounds like a molotov cocktail composed of Keith Moon, Bonham, Mitch Mitchell and Bill Ward.

Stuverud shares lead vocal duties and harmonies with bassist Anthony Pulsipher. Pulsipher is known around the Bay Area music scene as songwriter-vocalist-guitarist for art-damaged country rockers Spidermeow.

Guitarist Dmitri Mavra is the founder and songwriter behind retro cult favorites SKUNK.

"a cocoon of warm and fuzzy guitar tones and sizzling 70’s inspired rock’n roll” - The Ripple Effect blog.