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Sunday February 20 2022
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
$12 in advance / $15 at the door
Filth Is Eternal
 hardcore punk metal
 black death metal
 hardcore blackgaze punk

Filth Is Eternal
-from Seattle, WA
-Despite the name, Seattle’s Filth is Eternal feels fundamentally untethered. They’ve achieved an air of unhinged freedom mainly by thrashing their way through unassuming, beloved punk venues, writhing across unwashed floors and DIY spaces, hosting their own sort of hardcore communal exorcisms-- participation mandatory.

-from San Francisco, CA
-Succumb’s 2017 self-titled LP was harrowing, with vocals that sounded as if they echoed from down an asylum corridor. If Succumb was an arm’s-length encounter with madness, the Californian death metal band's sophomore release XXI brings you directly into the padded cell. The album’s production, handled by Jack Shirley, whose credits include Deafheaven, Oathbreaker, and Botanist, brings the band’s petrifying wall of noise much closer to the listener. Cheri Musrasrik’s voice stands at the center of the action, with bassist Kirk Spaseff’s supporting growls rising from below. For all its ferocity, there are moments where the record feels intimate, even contemplative, and the record’s lyrical inspirations feel like firsthand accounts of encounters with the malign. But whenever you get comfortable, there's a moment of terror—like guitars churning relentlessly as a swarm of bees in “Maenad,” or powerviolence screams over chunky chords in “Smoke.” In this respect, XXI mirrors its predecessor’s relentless pace.

-from San Francisco, CA
-Plaguestate is a new trio featuring some of the Bay Area’s heaviest hitters, notably ex-Deafheaven bassist Derek Prine and Acephalix drummer Dave Benson. They draw upon crust, doom, and a little noise for their debut EP Under the Shelter of Violence. With the exception of “Temporal Decay” beginning with industrial sputters, this is raw, straight ahead, mega-pissed-off, and not interested in meandering. While the guitars have that crusty death metal sound chief to a crop of bands popular in the underground around the early 2010s, it’s Benson’s mastery of the d-beat and double bass that really ties it all together. You need that sort of rage if you’re gonna close with a song called “Malignantly Useless,” an anthem for whether you’re mad at whoever’s fucking you over or yourself for getting fucked so bad.