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Friday March 4 2022
  <<<< rescheduled from 4/19/2020
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
•••  21 AND OVER
$14 in advance / $16 at the door
Talent Moat presents...
Earth Girl Helen Brown
 Psychedelic Pop Reggae
Brigid Dawson and the Mothers Network
 Post-genre musical enchantment
Almond Joy
 Rock                    --------Street Dikks  off the bill
                                                new project from members of Bronze

Earth Girl Helen Brown
-from California
-There’s no shortage of problems on Earth, but, when Heidi Alexander conceived of an EP named for our planet, she looked to the issues lying beneath the surface. Earth, the sixth installment from Earth Girl Helen Brown‘s series of EPs inspired by planets, taps into the intersection of greed and life. Alexander first inhabited the character of Earth Girl Helen Brown over a decade ago. At the time, she was living in San Francisco and had been invited to take part in musician Sonny Smith’s 100 Records project, which featured music made for 100 fictitious bands. “I really didn’t quite know what the deal was,” recalls Alexander, who now splits her time between Los Angeles and Yucca Valley. Still, she agreed to take part in the large-scale, collaborative art project and enjoyed it. “They were really demanding songs,” she says.

After 100 Records, Earth Girl Helen Brown briefly spun off as a real band. They recorded a handful of songs and released an EP. When Alexander’s old band, The Sandwitches, toured with Smith, they played a few Earth Girl Helen Brown songs at their shows. A few years later, after Alexander had moved to Los Angeles, they opened for Shannon and the Clams in San Francisco. Still, not much was heard from the group. “There was not a lifespan for that project,” says Alexander. “It was just a thing that happened. The original project was about love and the trials and tribulations of getting along, which is all good and well, but I wanted to talk about some other topics,” she explains. “I tried to take the same approach and involve a lot of folks and be really fast and collaborative, but do it in a slightly different way.”

In the process, the character had to evolve. “I guess the character changed in the sense that I had to embody her more,” says Alexander.

This incarnation of Earth Girl Helen Brown reemerged in 2017 for a series of EPs inspired by the solar system. Each EP thus far is named for a planet and takes on a different theme, with sales benefiting charities reflective of those themes. Each EP also delves into a different musical style. “Sometimes, it’s really specific, like house,” says Alexander. “Sometimes, it’s looser, like Sade.”

Brigid Dawson and the Mothers Network
-from San Francisco, CA
-"Tip-top of our osmosis list is the first quiver of tunes from Brigid Dawson and her newly minted Mothers Network: wise warnings dyed in dark hues, knotted and hard-won torch songs from the edge of a turbulent sea, bittersweet balladry spun in defense against evils familiar and unknown. Lovely though it may seem from a distance, the striation of loss quicksilvered throughout provides weighty balance to her contralto lilt. Those familiar with her harmonic counterpoint from her time in Thee Oh Sees or in OCS know she can belt as well as lullaby but there’s a fresh and smolderingly heavy swing in her step on display here that we mightily dig. “Ballet of Apes” tapestries together sessions that read like a who’s who from outside our own castle walls - in Australia with Mikey Young (Total Control/Eddy Current Suppression Ring), in San Francisco with Mike Donovan (ex Sic Alps), Shayde Sartin (ex Fresh & Onlys/lifetime ringer) and Mike Shoun (ex Oh Sees/Peacers), and in Brooklyn with instrumental heavy-weights Sunwatchers - and the results are spellbinding. At the focal point of this maelstrom, our lady, as if illumed by candlelight, intones, pleads, consoles - white magic perhaps but it carries with it the anodized tang of blood.” - Castle Face

Almond Joy
-from San Francisco, CA
-Almond Joy is an American rock band formed in 2021 in San Francisco. They have been called the one of the pioneering bands of "Bear Rock" and feature members of Rays, Cool Ghouls, Galore and Warp.