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Friday March 18 2022
  <<< rescheduled from 3/14/2020
  8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
•••  21 AND OVER
 Glam/Sassy/Porn/Punk/Metal/Dirty Rock n' Roll
Middle Aged Queers  ----The Homobiles off the bill
 punk queercore   ------The Sheastie Boys off the bill
Katie Cash
 american roots rock

Chris Freeman, Steve McKnight, Glen Pavan,
Karl Rumpf, Brian Welch
-from Los Angeles, CA

-GayC/DC is the world’s first and only all-gay tribute to the music of AC/DC!
Founded by Chris Freeman (bass player from iconic queer punk band Pansy Division), the idea for GayC/DC came from bouncing around names for more tribute bands with gay members after he’d been playing with the Gay Gay’s (gay tribute to the Go Go’s) for more than a decade. After the Gay Gay’s went on hiatus, Freeman moved forward with forming a band that could be as good as AC/DC.
Freeman began by recruiting lightning-speed guitarist, Steve McKnight after meeting him online and sharing similar musical tastes. McKnight has been a part of the LA music scene since the late ‘80s in Cry Wolf, a melodic hard rock band that made their mark on the Sunset Strip and beyond with several major albums under their belt.
Also recruited was Karl Rumpf on rhythm guitar, who Freeman had met while on tour with Pansy Division and later worked with in a band/project called Dart. Rumpf was also in the last incarnation of the Gay Gay’s, along with drummer Brian Welch who Freeman had also met while on tour. Welch had spent years touring with Extreme as their drum tech, so he was a natural fit.
This four-piece spent months looking for a gay vocalist to no avail. Finally, Freeman asked the others if HE could audition. Nervously, he did, the band agreed, and they were off—but now they needed a bassist, so Freeman recruited bass player extraordinaire, Glen Pavan, once again someone Freeman had met while on tour. Pavan had previously been keeping the low end down for LA queer punk rockers Best Revenge (who got their name from a Pansy Division song).
Now in their second year as a band, the word of mouth has been intense, even scoring a “pick of the week” in LA Weekly for a recent LA gig.
The band remains true to the music (working diligently to replicate the actual sound of AC/DC), while playing around with the lyrics and changing pronouns to suit the gay angle. Hence, TNT becomes PNP (a song about the “party-n-play” status some gay men post in their online sex ads), Bad Boy Boogie becomes Gay Boy Boogie (do you really need to ask?), and Big Balls needed ... no changing at all!
To say the band is off-the-hook live is an understatement. There is never a dull moment with all the costume changes and props being trotted out, all in the name of outrageous entertainment. Even those who say they don’t like AC/DC end up being fans.

Middle Aged Queers
Niki: Beats the drugs–I mean drums.
Josh: Plays bass and sometimes other fish.
Mag: Wields the six-string axe of doom.
Shaun: Yells and calls it "singing"
-from Oakland, CA
-Crawling out of the primordial ooze of punk past, Middle-Aged Queers are a quartet of Jurassic Punx barreling down Interstate 580 on a mission to save Rock and Roll with broken limbs and gear held together with duct tape.

Katie Cash
-from Oakland, CA

-Bay Area-bred singer-songwriter-guitarist Katie Cash writes personally charged, emotion-packed songs and performs them with a passionate urgency that marks her as a uniquely compelling artist. Cash's commanding songcraft, expressive vocals and bracing guitar work make her debut solo album Gift Horse a rousing collection that showcases her pointed songwriting and the edgy musical sensibility that's been honed by extensive roadwork and onstage experience.  

"I'd describe it as roots-rock storytelling," Cash says of the Independent Music Award-winning Gift Horse. "The songs deal with love, heartbreak and self-reflection." 

Beyond her solo work, Cash has also found time to maintain her membership in two notable Bay Area bands: the socially-conscious female funk-rock foursome Skip the Needle, with which she recorded the acclaimed debut album We Ain't Never Going Back; and the punchy, punk-inflected mixed-gender quartet Year of the Fist, whose three releases—the latest being 2019's Revive Me—have attracted notice on the local punk scene and beyond.

  "Being in three bands can be exhausting," admits Cash, "but it's been important to me to cultivate these multiple outlets because of how I feel within each of them, and because I have a genuinely good time in all three. I do love working in such vastly different settings, because I can express various aspects of myself and my musical passions."   

Cash's eclectic personal history has put her in a unique position to explore a wide range of musical interests. Growing up in close proximity to the Bay Area's punk, indie and skater scenes, she developed a deeply rooted sense of musical iconoclasm, absorbing punk, blues and gospel, not to mention the big band records she'd hear on her grandmother's antique hi-fi. After teaching herself to play guitar at the age of 12, she joined a series of bands before launching her own outfit, alternately known as Coal Pitts Wash and Dolorata. She also spent two and a half years playing with Turbonegra, an all-female tribute to the Norwegian punk band Turbonegro. She then attended Mills College's prestigious music program, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Composition. 

The lessons that Cash has learned along the way are reflected on such memorable Gift Horse tracks as the expansive "Year Gone By," the haunting "Broken Nights" and the dynamic title track. Another highlight is Cash's vivid reading of the Patti Smith classic "Pissing in a River." The album, produced by Julie Wolf (Ani DiFranco, Carly Simon, Indigo Girls), features guest appearances by acclaimed singer-songwriter Kris Delmhorst, 4 Non Blondes member Dawn Richardson and noted drummer Allison Miller.

  "I would say Gift Horse is a chapter in a longer story," Cash reflects. "The album was a vision that I had to see through to the end. Making it felt like a real achievement. It was a labor of love and a huge amount of work. I'm really proud of this record, and all of the talent, time, effort and community that went into it."   

With Gift Horse now a reality after its lengthy gestation, Katie Cash encapsulates her goals thusly: "I'm currently working with such an incredibly talented group of people. I'm focusing on bringing the music of Gift Horse to audiences through touring and performing at festivals. I will be releasing some singles in the coming year. I feel blessed, and with the same people by my side, I will continue to keep writing, creating and bringing more music into the world."