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Wednesday April 6 2022
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
•••  21 AND OVER
The Blank Tapes
 garage surf psychedelic rock
 psychedelic blues
Low Hums
 Rock N Roll / Psychedelic/ Kraut

The Blank Tapes
-from Los Angeles, CA
-Combining the simple melodies of the best bubblegum music with a decidedly Southern Californian take on the Velvet Underground that mixes their studied cool with some Dead-style chill, the Blank Tapes is the name Matt Adams uses to release the output generated by his prolific songwriting. Beginning in 2003, the Blank Tapes released tapes, CDs, and records on a variety of labels, including Burger and Antenna Farm, mostly recorded at home by Adams with the help of a few friends. In 2017, Adams released Collection 2003-2017, a 22-song record that showed off his skills as both a writer and performer and staked out a claim for himself as an as-yet-undiscovered pop craftsman, and continues to release new music.

“The Blank Tapes sound like the Archies if Lou Reed had written their songs.” -- The New Yorker

“A bent version of 60’s pop...really fun.” -- NPR

“A Winsome Garage-Pop Gem.” -- SPIN

“Awesome every time.” -- LA Weekly

-from San Franciso, CA
-San Francisco Freak-Flag Music!. Psychedelic blues from SF.

Low Hums
-from Seattle, WA
-Influenced by psychedelia from all eras and many other things found along the way. psych / rock / garage / fuzz / kraut / punk.

Imagine an album made by a truly loving cult with a sweetly groovy leader, created back in the day of golden LPs you could play forever (despite having to flip over every twenty minutes). There’s mystery, killer hooks, an alien allure to the fuzzy, good-time danceable vibes, and a lot of fun insights and midnight confessions found in the layers of lyrics beneath the astral energy of each song. This is Zzyzx, the latest full-length from Seattle’s cabal of inspired music-nauts, delivering another platter of liberation to the rock-hungry droves of timeless rock lovers.