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Tuesday May 10 2022
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
•••  21 AND OVER
Aaron Space
 and his Terrestrial Underlings
 R&B / Soul
Brown Dog
 folk indie lo-fi psychedelic
Most Fried  ------Cole Pulice off the bill
 indie rock

Aaron Space and his Terrestrial Underlings
-from Berkeley, CA
-Aaron Space & his Terrestrial Underlings is the musical moniker of composer/producer/multiinstrumentalist Elihu Knowles. Based in Berkeley, CA, Knowles's background as a jazz drummer deeply influences his soulful and experimental tunes. His work has often been compared to a variety of artists including Jon Bap, Sun Ra, Radiohead, King Krule, Standing on the Corner, and Rufus Wainwright.
Aaron Space & his Terrestrial Underlings began attracting attention following the release of their
much-lauded debut album, "Fishland" in May of 2020. Released via Portland experimental label Moon Glyph, "Fishland's" unique blend of maximalist, freeform electronic experimentation and traditional R&B/Soul harmonic structures and vocal performance landed the record a number of favorable reviews, including a feature in Bandcamp's "New and Notable" section. Following the success of "Fishland," Aaron Space released their second EP, "Grid," in May of 2021 via UK label and radio show Dig That Treasure. "Grid" further refined Aaron Space's rich and varied sonic palette, venturing deeper into experimentation while still retaining Knowles's strong melodic concept. Following the release of "Grid" and the first wave of venues reopening, Aaron Space & his Terrestrial Underlings took to the stage for the first time for a July 2021 west coast tour. Accompanied by an 8 piece jazz band including alto saxophone, two keyboardists and a vocoder/sampler player, the group's maximalist interpretations of Knowles's tunes
captivated audiences both at venues like LA's Silverlake Lounge and at various DIY house shows up and down the coast.
After a brief sojourn playing traditional jazz in Berlin, Germany, Knowles and bassist Quinn Girard returned to the states for another Aaron Space west coast tour in March 2022, performing at venues such as Portland’s Doug Fir Lounge and culminating with a release show for Knowles’s most recent musical undertaking: “Night 0n Earth” by the Aaron Space Cosmic Orchestra. Composed and performed by a nine piece jazz ensemble and released via the Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble record label, “Night 0n Earth explores a different side of Aaron Space’s musical universe, focused more explicitly on the combination of big band jazz and electronics.
Now based in their hometown in the Bay Area, Aaron Space & his Terrestrial Underlings has settled on 4 piece lineup and begun playing more frequently within the local scene, most recently at Eli’s Mile High Club with experimental rock band Gumby’s Junk. They are currently working on their second full length studio album.

Brown Dog
-from Berkeley, CA
-Brown Dog is a musical project by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Milo Jimenez of Berkeley, California. His most recent album, See You Soon, is a collaborative effort with longtime friend and fellow musician, Haniel R-H (also a member of his live band). Jimenez's songwriting and sound is identifiable in its decidedly concise yet playful (and very vibey) approach to the Rock tradition. A new album, Live From A Warm Kitchen, will be releasing parallel to this show, and the set will consist of both new songs and fan favorites from the past.

Most Fried
-from Berkeley, CA
-Skateboarders from Berkeley, CA
We love to make a wide variety of sounds because we love music!
Around 40 songs-worth of original material (plus a few covers!).
Pet friendly

Cole Pulice
 Dance / Electronic
-from minneapolis MN/Oakland, CA
-Cole Pulice is a saxophone player from Minneapolis.
An improviser of ambient jazz who earned his merits touring with Bon Iver, working with Godspeed You! Black Emperor and releasing wonderful electroacoustic gems with the groups Iceblink (Moon Glyph) and LCM (Orange Milk).
With Gloam - his solo debut - Cole Pulice offers us six spacious audio holograms, one-take recordings of his saxophone entangled with live electronic hardware. We hear undulating pitch shifters, ring modulations and spectrally rich harmonizers. Cole applies all signal processing live, augmenting the calm, serene melodies he plays on his saxophone.

The electronics never serve as a mere effect here. Instead, Cole’s fine-tuned setup functions as one whole instrument with which he effortlessly morphs shapes and colors, like fractals within a kaleidoscope or fragments of stained glass in a rock tumbler.
Cole mentions the Synchromism visual art movement as an influence for this record, an American avant garde style of the early 20th century in which colour and sound were treated as equivalents. It’s a spot-on analogy for these musical gems which serve to immerse us in imaginatory prisms. Cole’s sessions conjoin artificial processes with the vibrations of his (often circular) breathing to create electro-acoustic lullabies which reveal ever more timbral layers with each listen.