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Sunday May 15 2022
  3:00PM doors -- music at 4:00PM
•••  21 AND OVER
$12 in advance / $15 at the door
  [includes free barbecue courtesy of Sierra Nevada Brewing]
  Sierra Nevada, RWS, & Subliminal SF presents...
  "The Subliminal Sunday BBQ Show"

The Spiral Electric
 heavy psych rock
 trans-apocalyptic galaxy rock
 avant-garde metal

The Spiral Electric
-from San Francisco, CA
-The Spiral Electric are a heavy psychedelic rock band from San Francisco, bringing a mixture of roaring guitars and orbiting synthesizer not heard this side of the galaxy since HAL 9000 dropped acid with Brian Jones and Tony Iommi in the windmills of your mind.

-from Baltimore, MD
-“Described by its creators as specializing in "trans-apocalyptic galaxy rock," Darsombra navigates multiple sonic vistas, from drone-fueled doom and twisty progressive rock to lush, ambient psych-pop.”
- James Christopher Monger,

Darsombra is a cinematic conceptual rock band from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. . . or the moon, whichever you prefer. Featuring composer Brian Daniloski on guitar, vocals, and effects, and filmmaker Ann Everton on synth, vocals, percussion, and projections, Darsombra is a truly immersive rock ’n’ roll extravaganza. Experienced live, it’s a symbiotic audio-visual-energetic amalgamation that creates a temporary reality, woven by sight, sound, and movement.

Prolifically touring for well over a decade, Darsombra has performed in 20 countries throughout North America, Asia, and Europe, at music venues, festivals, DIY spaces, house shows, galleries, city ruins, cultural centers, record stores, coffee shops, and parks—not to mention their legendary pop-up generator shows at national monuments and forests, or just by the side of the road.

-from Santa Rosa, CA
-northern california lemurian initiate time traveling sound healers