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Wednesday May 18 2022
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
 Grunge Music
 Heavy Psych
Melting Elephants
 psychedelic rock

Vocals, Guitar / Eli Carlton-Pearson
Bass, vocals / Brian Wilkerson
Drums / Micheal Pinkham
-from Fairfax, CA

-Physical Suicide Deterrent System Project (PSDSP) is an avant-grunge band from the Bay Area. PSDSP combines heavy riffs, melodious, spacy vocals, surprising lyrics, and virtuosic musicianship for a sound that picks up where Soundgarden left off, taking it further toward where Alice Coltrane was going. Lead singer and guitarist Eli Carlton-Pearson first conceived of the band after reading the comically verbose official title of the Golden Gate Bridge's suicide barrier. Well aware that music had provided him and many others with a reason to live in otherwise hopeless times, he decided to name his band after the barrier, in a move that was both tongue-in-cheek and dead serious. Joined by Brian Wilkerson on bass and Michael Pinkham on drums the band has become a cult favorite in their native Bay Area, and continues to surprise audiences everywhere with a well-rehearsed yet improvisational approach to heavy rock and roll.

-from SF North Bay / Napa Valley, CA
-In Samvega’s world, music is a voyage into the subconscious. Heavy psychedelic overtures, bellowing lyrics, and a tendency to tip toe into the darker places of the mind form the subway of sound. As visual artists the four members have learned to gulp down society and digest it on canvas with texture and color, as musicians their reaction to life and it's trials moves from the slow, the dreamy, the melodic into a tidal wave of heavy distortion. Their aim is to create soundscapes to tantalize the mind with the complexities of existence. They’re genre unspecific. Their set can move from psychedelic instrumentation, to doom, to gypsy, to blues and anywhere in between. All four members sing, and the vocals that ride on top can be lowdown outlaw, to punk cabaret. Regardless the singer, their lyrics are carefully crafted and cry of the underground, for change, for lost love.
The Players:
Pat Feistel trained by a traditional jazz drummer, has formed his own heavy tribal rhythm that drives the band. He also literally drives the band to shows and on tour and can be found building, wrenching on cars, discussing the cosmos, cattle ranching or gardening.
Melissa Baker alternates between electric guitar and an electric rickenbacker mandolin which she soars above the rest of the band with slides and swells, that add a certain cheer and experimentation to the sound. She is a painter, a dreamer, a cat and coffee enthusiast, and lover of humans and their stories.
Ricky Woulfe offers the psychedelic electric guitar, rhythm and riffs spill out of his fingers and from his voice a siren sings. He also plays trumpet. He is a vinyl collector, an artist, a knife maker, a leather craftsman, and we suspect a time traveler.
Mercedes Baker and Sammy her prophet hold down the low end with heavy haunting synth, that rides down easy like a horse on the plains. She is a painter, a sculptor, a nature lover, a rust farmer, and a person that finds solace in creating and doing.
The meaning of the word "Samvega"
"The oppressive sense of shock, dismay, and alienation that come with realizing the futility and meaninglessness of life as it's normally lived; a chastening sense of our own complacency and foolishness in having let ourselves live so blindly; and an anxious sense of urgency in trying to find a way out of the meaningless cycle"
*WARNING* Lending your head to Samvega may cause: -questions of society and self -involuntary dancing, twitching and/or head-bobbing -dreaming and/or screaming
In some cases there have been: -loss of self consciousness -hemorrhages of creativity -stimulation of mood.
*Additional studies are being conducted on the long term effects of Samvega on the brain.

Melting Elephants
-from Lincoln, NE/San Francisco, CA