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Tuesday June 7 2022
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
$12 in advance / $15 at the door
Winona Forever
 indie pop  surf rock
The Moondrops
 indie rock garage and soul
Mae Powell
 alternative indie folk

Winona Forever
from Vancouver, BC Canada
-Vancouver’s Winona Forever combine spicey rock riffs and arts and crafts rhythms to create delicious ready-to-listen pop songs. Since 2015 the band has been releasing music that embraces the warm and free spirited leanings of home recording, producing a sound that is equal parts fresh and timeless.

With the release of the track Keep Kool, Winona Forever stumbled into an international following that propelled the band into new dimensions. 2019 saw the release of the album Feelgood on vinyl. The band has continued growing through touring in Canada and the US, with an Audiotree live session and Pop Montreal festival as highlights. In 2022 Winona Forever will be touring the US in support of new releases.

The Moondrops
-from San Francisco, CA
-The Moondrops have been a staple of the SF Bay Area music scene since 2017 capturing the energetic spirit of DIY indie rock with packed house shows and debut EPs.  Since then, the band has graced larger stages and adopted a more dreamy and washed-out sound to create their own brand of psychedelic dream pop. 

Since the pandemic, The Moondrops have shifted focus to songwriting and self production with several new releases planned for 2022.  This in combination with the return of live music makes this new chapter of The Moondrops something to look forward to :) 

Mae Powell
-frm San Francisco, CA
-The title of Mae Powell’s debut album, Both Ways Brighter, came to her during a conversation with her friend about the days getting longer as they inched toward spring. They were trying to figure out if the sun both rose earlier and set later, if the daylight lengthened in both directions.

The phrase stuck with Powell, who meditated on it for a week as it began to take on broader significance — about the unknowability of life and learning how to trust in the way forward, the idea that whatever path you take, you’re going where you’re supposed to be going.

The Bay Area singer/songwriter fills her music with that loving optimism about the way the world guides its denizens. Raised in San Diego, Powell got the chance as a kid to watch folk musicians record tracks in an ad-hoc studio her mother and sister had set up in their garage. That early exposure to the labor and magic of music-making would ultimately shape her own path. Powell moved to San Francisco in 2014 to study broadcasting and audio production at San Francisco State University, where she began meeting and collaborating with other musicians who first drew her out of her shell. Inspired by the easygoing reflectiveness of the New York songwriter Frankie Cosmos, Powell began penning her own observations of the world around her and the people who filled it: the warm connections she’d been forging, and the anxiety that sometimes precluded them.