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Tuesday June 14 2022
  7:00PM doors -- music at 8:00PM
$15 in advance / $19 at the door
 bedroom dream pop
Valley Palace
 Alternative/Indie dream pop
 lo-fi psychedelic pop

-from Minneapolis, MN
-Vansire is the chillwave-inspired project of multi-instrumentalists Sam Winemiller and Josh Augustin. After meeting on their high school's drumline they began making music in the summer of 2015. Since then, they have released three albums, two EPs, and one live album as well as a slew of singles in the late 2010s. Their music, inspired by the driftless region of Minnesota and travels across America, features dance-imbued earworms, vintage synthesizers, and ambient soundscapes. After working together remotely during their college years, they moved back to Minnesota and now record and produce all their music by themselves in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Valley Palace
Nathan Taylor
-from Fresno, CA

-Before starting Valley Palace in 2019, Nathan Taylor made a deal. At the age of 13, he discovered an old family guitar, and his uncle agreed that if Taylor could teach himself to play, he could keep it. Making good on his end of the bargain, Taylor learned guitar. It was only just the start, and years later, that instrument remains in his possession, occupying a spot in the background of his bedroom recording studio, the place where work on his forthcoming debut album began.

Taylor is a self-admitted daydreamer, and that wispy sentimentalism that comes with wishing and hoping for something more is apparent in his music. Inspired by films from the ‘80s and ‘90s like Pretty in Pink, Can’t Hardly Wait, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Valley Palace takes an optimistic and endearingly honest look at life, chronicling his own coming-of-age period as a teenager entering their early twenties.

Since 2019, Taylor has kept up with a steady stream of Valley Palace single releases. Much like his childhood guitar lesson, he’s self-taught in his practice, even crediting a previous job at Guitar Center with giving him the opportunity to learn and play different instruments. His lunch breaks became a place for musical experiments, and that freedom to play whatever, whenever he wanted is reflected in his current practice. He prefers to get lost in guitar-playing, allowing his daydreams to guide him.. Taylor also credits bands like Men I Trust, DIIV, and Wild Nothing with helping him land on a sound that’s wholly his own.

Take your first steps into the world of Valley Palace with the release of “Friend,” a song that coincides with the news of Taylor’s singing to Run for Cover Records. Produced with Jackson Phillips of Day Wave, “Friend” is his reminder to “just be yourself and stay true to who you are. At the same time, don’t have a huge ego and try to stay on the humble side.”

-from Seattle, WA
-After quietly releasing their debut album in 2017, Shimmertraps spent the next two years pouring their time and creative energy into what they consider to be, “our most collaborative album yet.” With the addition of 2 new members to the project, “LOOK!“ (2020) became an exciting change of pace for the band. Together, they wrote, recorded, mixed and produced the entire album in their outskirt Bellingham living room. Evolving from their dreamy soundscapes and fuzzy lofi production, Shimmertraps boldly introduces their punchy, disco-focused rhythms paired with a plethora of wide and luscious sounding synths across the sonic journey of “LOOK!”. The band has proven to blend a variety of different genres and sounds into a captivating concoction, further defining the sound of Shimmertraps.

"To call Shimmertraps a band would be an understatement. Their music, stunningly colorful, mind-numbingly textured, and blissfully unpredictable, feels more akin to a performance art piece, a full-body deep-dive into an otherworldly atmosphere. While their 2017 debut album Ozius proved their initial skill in fuzzy, introspective lo-fi with hazy, intimate vocals to match, LOOK!, the Washington-based group’s sophomore album, instead shows a distinct and brilliant evolution for the group, every moment bursting with disco-inspired, glitchy multi-dimensional synth pop, radiating with equal parts intrigue and whimsy." -Paria Rahmani, kid with a vinyl.