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Tuesday August 16 2022
  7:30PM doors -- music at 8:00PM
•••  21 AND OVER
$15 in advance / $20 at the door
Telekinetic Yeti
 Stoner Doom Rock
White Hills
 electronic experimental art rock
 Dark Wave Space Mongers
Sasquatch Borracho
 vinyl selections 

Telekinetic Yeti
Alex Baumann - Guitar/Vocals
Rockwel Heim - Drums
-from  Dubuque, IA

-Based out of Iowa, Telekinetic Yeti is a two-man band that delivers sonic brutality melded with psychedelic doom wizardry, forged by the worship of the almighty riff and honed by relentless touring and dedication to their craft.

Creating music as cryptically enchanting as it is heavy, you wouldn't guess that the impressive cacophony pouring out of the speakers like molten, metal syrup is being produced by only two people. Founder and guitarist Alex Baumann explains, “Originally I decided not to have a bass player purely for logistical reasons, it was just another schedule to work around, another person who’s boss could tell us we can’t tour, but then I started seeing it as a challenge, like let’s see how heavy we can make it with just two people.”

That started grabbing peoples' attention. Relentless touring and playing pretty much any club that would have them, the band set sail on their epic voyage, selling their debut album Abominable out of their van and cutting their teeth in the underground playing hundreds of shows. All the while receiving rave reviews of their live performance as well as their first release, which landed at #2 on the doom charts and stayed right there for months. The Sludgelord called the eight-song album “a f***ing monster from start to finish,” and The Obelisk, including the album in their year-end, best of list, dubbed it the “debut of the year,” and said “it could have been another band’s second or third record for the level of cohesion on display.” The video for “Stoned and Feathered” quickly racked up a few hundred thousand views and counting. It was at this time that Telekinetic Yeti caught the attention of Ozzy Osbourne bass player, Blasko, who named Abominable on his “5 favorites” list. People were starting to catch on, and soon thereafter Telekinetic Yeti would be invited to tour extensively with some of the best heavy rock bands in the business, including Clutch, Black Label Society, Red Fang and Weedeater.

Now the band finds itself in a much different, auspicious position, and with the help of famed producer Phillip Cope (Baroness, Kylesa, Damad, Black Tusk et al), Telekinetic Yeti returns with their eagerly-anticipated, second full-length album, Primordial.

 With this release, the band takes their game to a whole new level. Primordial explores themes as diverse as evolution, sorcery, black magic and the contradictions of the gloriously uplifting yet simultaneously melancholic human condition. "I wanted to write something that was an appropriate intro to the album, that brought to mind an early earth setting and featured atmospheric elements as well as some droning, sparse simplicity and lyrically, simple imagery regarding the dawn of humankind and creation of the first tools." explains Baumann of the title track.

 As it unfolds, the album evolves into a cathartic exploration turning themes into tangible sounds and haunting fugues. Says Baumann regarding the inspiration behind “Beast”: "This song is about wanting to escape the societal constraints that keep us on the wheel, toiling away, indefinitely. It's also about questioning authority figures, or really
anyone that claims to have all the answers."

Matured songwriting, creatively brutal riffs and an exercise in monstrous tones make this listen an immersive experience taking you back to explore and appreciate the primordial ooze that we all came from. Telekinetic Yeti has partnered with stalwart Indie label, Tee Pee Records.

"Oh, the riffs. THE RIFFS! It would be easy to get hysterical and evangelical about TELEKINETIC YETI. There is never a shortage of great doom and stoner rock bands, so ageless and undeniable is that musical code. But not every band delivers a consistent stream of riff-centric greatness, and even fewer can compete with a record as uniformly magnificent as 'Primordial.'" - BLABBERMOUTH (8/10)
"I can’t recommend this album highly enough, not only to fans of the genre itself but even to casual fans of early Sabbath there’s going to be plenty to get your teeth into with this creative release, which may well defy a few expectations about a stoner album." - GHOST CULT (8/10)
"Primordial was produced by Kylesa’s Phillip Cope, and the album should appeal to fans of that group along with groups ranging from Mastodon to Red Fang to Sleep." - HEAVY MUSIC HQ (3.5/5)
"Primordial does not disappoint.  It brings all the energy and enthusiasm of a live show along with brutal riffs, killer guitar solos, and mesmerizing melodies." - NINE CIRCLES
"Primordial' is a well-handled and engaging work of doom metal dirgery and deserves many plaudits for it’s mature and evolved sound that brightly displays the roots of the genre it exists in but in a contemporarily re-contextualised way..." - SONIC PERSPECTIVES (7.9/10).

White Hills
-from New York, NY
-Hailed by Pitchfork for their “loud, exhilarating and unhinged” live performances, NYC’s White Hills have garnered a cult reputation as a fierce, genre-bending band. The music made by core members Dave W. and Ego Sensation is risky and cutting edge, rooted in punk ethos and no-wave aesthetics. Their last album, Splintered Metal Sky, was hailed by The Quietus as the Best Psych Rock of 2020. The band will be releasing a new album in Fall 2022. White Hills appear as themselves in Jim Jarmusch’s vampire romance Only Lovers Left Alive.

Rich Millman - Lead Guitar + Synths (Carlton Melton, Zen Guerrilla)
Joey Osbourne - Drums (Acid King, Altamont)
Carl Horne - Bass Guitar (Zen Guerrilla, Cheetah Speed)
Bob Hannam - Vocals + Synths (Cabbage n Mash, Frehley's Vomet)
-from San Francisco, CA

-4 piece dark wave space mongers from San Francisco

Sasquatch Borracho
Dave Pehling
-from San Francisco, CA

-Vinly selections for your pleasure.