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Saturday August 27 2022
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
$15 in advance / $17 at the door
Noise Pop presents...
Crywank   [co-headlining]
 anti-folk punk
Chastity     [co-headlining]
 alternative bedroom-pop

-from Manchester, UK
-Crywank is a British anti-folk band based out of Manchester, England. The band is a duo consisting of vocalist/guitarist and founder Jay Clayton, (who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns,) and drummer Dan Watson, who joined in 2012. Allmusic describes their body of work as containing "sadness, paranoia, misery, and dry humor", comparing them to AJJ or 'a sarcastic Bright Eyes'. The group have independently released eight full length albums. They have previously toured the UK, Ireland, Mainland Europe, Russia, South East Asia, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Canada.

After early demos were distributed online, Crywank's debut album James Is Going to Die Soon was released in September 2010. Second album Narcissist on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown followed in April 2012.

Clayton enlisted drummer Dan Watson to turn Crywank into a band for their third full length, Tomorrow Is Nearly Yesterday and Everyday Is Stupid which was released initially in 2013 and issued on vinyl by Chicago label Mutant League Records in 2015.

Crywank released the tongue-in-cheek Shameless Valentines Money Grab EP in time for the holiday in 2014. A few weeks later, Clayton also released a Simpsons-inspired EP, Following the Lizard Queen, from the perspective of Langdon Alger, a minor character from the show.

Bassist Tom Connolly joined the band in 2015 until 2016 for their European tour with Jordaan Mason and The band's fourth LP entitled Don't Piss on Me, I'm Already Dead which was released in 2016. According to Crywank the title was inspired by a Simpsons quote.

In 2017 Crywank worked with Vancouver record label File Under:Music and their One Song at a Time series to produce a music video for their song Part 2.

The band's fifth LP Egg on face. Foot in mouth. Wriggling Wriggling Wriggling. was released in December 2017.

The sixth LP entitled Wearing Beige On A Grey Day was released in March 2019.

In April 2019 Crywank was one of the headliners at that year’s Manchester Punk Festival.

Crywank announced in 2019 that they were intending to break up after a world tour in the summer of 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tour was cut short before they could tour round the USA (which they would co-headline with the band Chastity) .

On May 1st 2020, Crywank released their seventh album entitled Fist Me 'Til Your Hand Comes Out My Mouth. It is the only one of their albums to include drummer Dan Watson on lead vocals for various tracks on the album, and the band describes it as "probably [their] weirdest [album]". The album contains themes of "the importance of self-reflection and also of silliness", "how the band has affected [their] friendship / how [their] friendship has affected the band", and reflection upon the impact of their work.

On August 28th 2021, despite previously announcing that Fist Me 'Til Your Hand Comes Out My Mouth would be their final album, Crywank announced their eighth studio album Just Popping In to Say Hi would be released on September 13th of that same year, after Clayton was involved in a housefire earlier that month.

-from Whitby, Canada
-Brandon Williams makes resonant songs that capture isolation and resilience. As the songwriter behind Chastity, the Whitby, Ontario musician has made 3 unrelentingly perceptive albums culminating in the cathartic 'Suffer Summer', which is out January 13, 2022 via Deathwish and Dine Alone Records. The LP caps off an album trilogy that showcases both Williams’ emotional range as a lyricist but also his boundless love of outsider music. His 2018 debut Death Lust pulled from Unwound and The Smashing Pumpkins as he grappled with mortality while 2019’s Home Made Satan dealt in world-weary anxiety and Hum-like atmospherics. But Suffer Summer is a meditation on happiness, channeled through powerhouse riffs and undeniably potent choruses, sung with Mineral and Jimmy Eat World worn on his sleeve. It’s an album that shows how healing and staying content is hard but necessary work.


-from Dallas, TX
-The debut full-length album from songwriter Alex Montenegro, better known by “Skirts,” is a convergence of Southwestern folk rock and contemporary percussion, adorned with Texas imagery and piercing guitar licks. Entitled Great Big Wild Oak, the record spans ten intimate tracks that paint sonic portraits of Montenegro’s memories through impressive arrangements and warmhearted vocals.

Growing up in Dallas, Montenegro was surrounded by music, citing distinct memories of her father teaching her how to place a needle on a record he was willing to sacrifice. Montenegro began to shape her own taste whilst working at record stores and discovering the burgeoning indie rock communities in Texas. After the release of Almost Touching, an EP of tracks home-recorded on a cassette 4-track, Montenegro took Skirts on the road, touring with the likes of LVL UP, Snail Mail, and Spencer Radcliffe (who lends vocals on delicate album closer “Annie”). Employing live bandmembers and friends Vincent Bui, Victor Bui and Joshua Luttrull, Montenegro picked apart demos and made space for Great Big Wild Oak to grow.

Recorded between various home studios in Dallas, Montenegro recalls Great Big Wild Oak as a “Frankenstein album” as forgotten demos came back to life and other songs were cut from the record. The album’s craft is displayed in its open-minded approach, from xylophone to pedal steel, banjo to clarinet — the vast array of instruments never outshine one another.

Reminiscent of a Southern lullaby, third track “Easy” highlights the fusion of classic folk and inventive percussion that define the album. Through gliding layers of saxophone and flute, Montenegro sings “Papa was a rodeo, you're like him, you're a wildfire – you'll go out with some time.” Skirts’ knack for strong imagery and lyricism remain present throughout the album, each song giving the sensation of an old film photo in your hand.

“Spare key in the front yard, underneath the bed of flowers” begins “Swim,” a piano-driven track that was re-recorded over five times, eventually becoming a personal favorite to Montenegro. The song’s process mirrors its sentiment, Montenegro sings wistful like a sigh (“If a salmon can swim upstream then I can learn to swim”) — a lyric that has stuck with her since teenhood.

“True,” the twangiest cut from Great Big Wild Oak, begins with Montenegro’s tumbling piano and guitar, before erupting into a dynamic sonic discussion of Southern-steeped rhythms and percussion. Though there is great comfort in Montenegro’s nostalgia-laced tunes, Great Big Wild Oak keeps you on your toes, sprinkled with instrumental interludes and distorted, yet tender moments.

After building an underground fanbase throughout Texas, Skirts used Great Big Wild Oak to create the first developed portrait of the band’s signature sound. Final track “Annie” seals the album with a dialogue of harmonies and reverse guitar work, a diversion from full rock arrangements, and just one indulgent minute of the tangible warmth and intimacy one should expect from a Skirts tune. With Great Big Wild Oak freshly planted in their discography, Skirts is prepared to swim against the current with sincerity.

Great Big Wild Oak is available July 30th from Double Double Whammy.