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Tuesday October 4 2022
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
$15 in advance / $18 at the door
 psych pop, indie rock
 alternative chill pop
Loco Tranquilo
 pop psychedelic-rock

-from Atlanta, GA/Los Angeles, CA
-Mamalarky's brand of dazed indie-pop comprises songs that set a horizontal mood. Featuring Livvy Bennett and Noor Khan (who you may know as part of Faye Webster's live band) plus White Denim keyboard player Michael Hunter among its ranks, the band's self-titled 2020 debut is a lo-fi collection of songs to vibe out to, with layers of complexity if you're here for that, too. Bennett's vocals and guitars guide much of Mamalarky's music but on new song "Will I See U?" she shares the spotlight with Benét, the Richmond, VA singer-songwriter who recently joined Yeule and Beach Fossils on Bayonet Records.

Together they tap into a modern romantic malaise, wondering if they will ever see their crush again and whether or not their feelings are reciprocated. That sense of longing and bittersweet sadness cuts through "Will I See U?" at every stage, rendering the whole thing with a melancholy tone to accompany both Bennett and Benét's sugary melodies.

"The first time I met Benét I was in Richmond half asleep on a couch at Alfred’s house while the live action Goosebumps series was on, serenading me to sleep," Bennett says via email. "I was really tired from tour but I peeped open my eyes and there he was, being all sweet and smiley! Later that night, we played an amazing show together and became fast friends."

 "One weekend when Benét was in Atlanta we met up and started working on this idea I had been demoing and sending over to them. We tracked from home so we were kind of just huddled in, bouncing ideas. Benét wrote his verse on the spot and we just kind of felt the song come to life from there.”

"The song is about the people in my life where our relationship exists mostly in the bounds of my imagination. For various reasons, they feel so unattainable. Maybe we’ve drifted, they live far away, or maybe they don’t see anyone much at all anymore. And some people really just don’t want to give you the time of day and that’s fine too! The song is basically me being frustrated at how badly I want to be around someone that doesn’t reciprocate, so I’m left wondering."

“I had been obsessed with Mamalarky since we had booked that show in Richmond" Benét adds. "Lowkey I manifested our song together because I forced them to let me sing harms during the live show on their song “Hero” and a few months later we linked up in Atlanta for the second time ever and made this track. it wasn’t awkward at all because we stay chatting on and off line. "Will I See U?” for me is about building the courage to make sure I will. Planting the seed. Doing it right! Communication is key!"

-from Oakland, CA
-Oakland-based Abracadabra create unconventional pop music that shoots for the 60’s but lands in the 80’s. Comprised of core duo Hannah Skelton (cassiopeia) and Chris Niles (maus haus), Abracadabra pulls wide influence from the charismatic energy of Tom Tom Club, dub hits of King Tubby and the melodic sensibilities of Stereolab.

Abracadabra took shape in the wake of a chance encounter when Niles and Skelton were recruited to play together in a Halloween band covering Eurythmics’ art-rock debut ‘In The Garden’. Over the years of touring and opening for acts like Tycho, Amon Tobin and Matthew Dear, Niles had amassed a backlog of demos that did not fit in with his current band.  After hitting it off with Skelton, Niles played these demos for her and the two immediately began collaborating, effectively combining Niles’ obsession with bass-centric rhythm with Skelton’s formal music background.

Working in tandem with studio whiz Jason Kick (Mild High Club, Sonny and the Sunsets), the duo began to flesh out the demos with recording sessions around Oakland.  The demos were further brought to life at the Vintage Synthesizer Museum in Emeryville. Channeling sounds from legendary synthesizers such as The Fairlight CMI, Niles and Skelton were able to experiment with sound sculpture to create psychedelic and industrial sounds inspired by their mutual admiration for Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel.

As the songs were progressing, Niles and Skelton were hit by a car while parked at a red light.  This event directly shaped lyrics for tracks “Riding In Your Mind” and “Wandering”, but also - conceptually - the album.  Many of the songs reflect upon our fragility as humans, our inability to predict or control the future, and the struggle to remain stable despite the chaos of urban life on a deteriorating planet.

The duo balances the at-times heavy subject matter of the album with luminous arrangements and ear-worm grooves.  Songs like “Hello Peru” or “Comb Your Hair” yield a percussive and buoyant quality while “Cherry Soda” is undeniable with its acrobatic bass and reverie-inducing harmonies. Their dynamic live band is filled out by jazz drummer David Volker (Young Elders) and multi-instrumentalist Jess De La Cruz. 

Loco Tranquilo
-from San Francisco, CA
-Combining his love of music and adventure, Julián Gervasi writes, produces and performs under the moniker Loco
Tranquilo to bring a genre-bending blend of ethereal vocals and freak folk instrumentation.
Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Julián is a self taught musician who gathered his style through bohemian travels
around South America, Europe and California.