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Monday November 7 2022
  7:30PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
•••  21 AND OVER
$20 in advance / $25 at the door
  [was: $30 in advance / $35 at the door]
        -------Dead Boys off the bill
The Briefs
 punk new wave power pop
Suzi Moon
 punk rock
Stay Out
 punk rock
Sid Presley

[as of 10/26]
Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dead Boys can no longer play this show. The other two bands will still be playing: The Briefs headlining and Suzi Moon in direct support, and one local band, Stay Out, added as opener; and Sid Presley spinning.
The cover charge is reduced by $10, to $20 instead of $30.

The Briefs
Daniel Travanti: guitar, vox
Steve E. Nix: guitar, vox
Chris Brief: drums, vox
Steve Kicks: bass, vox
-from Seattle, WA

-Punk rockers don't age, they just get weirder, baby. Twenty years have zipped by, and The Briefs are as frantic, energetic, and snotty as ever. Like a scud missile from outer space, the band's debut album, “Hit After Hit,” set out to destroy the new Millennium's flaccid alt-rock scene—and, in turn—inspired two decades of raucous radioactive fallout. Sewing together a tattered tapestry of 70s-style punk—with a nod toward Dangerhouse Records, DEVO, Thrasher Magazine, and ABBA—these iconic bleach blonde brutes have urged countless kids to grab a junk guitar, a pair of second-hand sunglasses, and a bottle of peroxide.
What started with four idiot savants in a downtown Seattle basement has led to a remarkable two-decade career that has spawned some of the catchiest anti-hits this side of Y2K. Any self-respecting rocker will argue: “Hit After Hit,” (2000); “Off the Charts,” (2003); “Sex Objects,” (2004); and “Steal Yer Heart,” (2005); aremorethanessentialpunkclassics—they're commandments,damnit.Sweat-drenchedsingleslike “Rotten Love,” and “Poor and Weird” may have even aided in reversing punk's once terminal diagnosis.
But how have they survived this long, this loud? A dynamic, leave-everything-on-the-stage live show paired with relentless US and European touring has garnered the band a fierce following (although you can't spot Briefs fan based on age, they are indeed known to harbor a certain swagger). 2008-2012 saw a much- needed cat nap for the band, but diehard pals will tell you this was no radio silence. Guitarist Daniel Travanti formed Sharp Objects and co-founded Modern Action Records; guitarist Steve E. Nix and bassist Kicks formed The Cute Lepers; drummer Chris Brief formed Suspect Parts. In the end, it all came back around to the beginning—to The Briefs.
Yeah, the songs are brief (not unlike glue-induced euphoria), but the legacy is stickier than industrial hold hairspray. 2012-2015 brought fans a new box set of their previously released 7" singles, “Singles Only," (2012; Modern Action Records), as well as the Briefs fifth LP release, “Odd Numbers" (2015), a love letter littered with studio outtakes, demos, and live recordings. The band also performed a number of U.S. West Coast tours, completed an East Coast tour with The Damned, and shook the main stage at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas. In 2017-2018, the boys toured Europe on three separate occasions, played a set at RebellionFestivalintheUK,andrecorded"PlatinumRats,” perhapstheirmostvivaciousandvitalalbumto date. 2019 once again had the boys back on the road, first with The Stitches in the USA, followed by a slew of club and festival dates throughout Europe.
What's next? Whatever they want. A US tour alongside the legendary Dead Boys kicks off Fall 2022, with European dates coming shortly thereafter. For the Briefs, the radiation is still in the water and - good news for the survival of our species—the mutations are alive and kicking. – Hayley Crusher Cain

Suzi Moon
-from Los Angeles, CA
-suzi Moon’s effortless channeling of classic ‘77 punk rock spirit with a modern twist continues to evolve and grow. This second twelve inch with Pirates Press Records picks up where her debut left off sold out before street date and the likes of Iggy Pop singing her praises on the BBC!

Stay Out
-from Oakland, East Bay
-Stay Out is an American East Bay punk rock band from Oakland, CA. Think 90s skatepunk, melodic hardcore, ska/punk.... we often get compared to Green Day, blink-182, The Queers, Descendents, Operation Ivy, etc.
We started in 2017. The band consists of four members.

Sid Presley
David Greenfield
-from San Francisco, CA

spinning the rock

Dead Boys
 punk rock
-from Cleveland, OH
-New York, NY (July 25, 2017)- Punk rock pioneers and provocateurs, the Dead Boys, celebrate the 40th
anniversary of their landmark first album Young, Loud and Snotty, with a worldwide tour and a special
re-recording of the classic record. Still Snotty: Young, Loud & Snotty at 40! on Nashville-based
Plowboy Records is hitting the streets and available online on September 8 with a major US tour kicking
off in Dallas, Texas on September 7.
Formed in Cleveland in 1976, the Dead Boys were one of the first American acts to combine the proto-punk
fervor of bands like the Stooges and the New York Dolls with a new level of intense energy.
1977 debut LP, Young, Loud and Snotty, was a landmark album in the birth of hardcore punk and produced
one of the first great punk anthems, "Sonic Reducer." After one more album, the band split in 1979.
They reunited for a few gigs in the 1980s, but following the death of lead vocalist Stiv Bators in 1990,
the band members went their separate ways except for two brief reunions in 2004 and 2005.
The return of the Dead Boys began with guitarist Cheetah Chrome.
"I've had my solo band for the last ten years, and Dead Boys songs have always been included in my shows
and over time the right mix of people came together to pull off and at times enhance the Dead Boys sound.
With the 40th anniversary of the Dead Boys on the horizon and a solid band that could interpret and deliver
the performance and sound needed to maintain the authenticity of the Dead Boys, I reached out to Johnny Blitz
about an anniversary tour and he said yes and we began the journey of what would become
Still Snotty: with Jason Kottwitz on guitar, Detroit punk legend Ricky Rat on bass and vocalist Jake Hout
from'zombie Dead Boys tribute band, the Undead Boys, the Dead Boys 40th anniversary tour started taking shape.
I've been singing the Dead Boys songs myself for 20 years because I couldn't find another singer I trusted
enough to hand it to," Chrome says. "The first gig with Jake, it was like, 'You got it, man! 'I think Stiv would be
very proud of our choice"
With the line-up in place, the group brought the house down at a showcase performance at this year's
South by Southwest music fest in Austin, Texas. Writing in Paste Magazine, music critic Robert Ham
named their set as one of the 10 Best Sets at SXSW 2017. *The group played the entire LP
(of Young, Loud and Snotty) with sweat and fire, wiping away all four decades of the past in the process."-