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Saturday January 14 2023
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
•••  21 AND OVER
The Inciters
 Northern Soul
The Capsouls
 northernsoul reggae
Voluntary Hazing
 ska punk pop rock

The Inciters
-from Santa Cruz, CA
-Northern Soul takes the Motown/Stax ethic but adds a stronger back-beat with more adventurous production, and The Inciters continue this tradition in grand style. With ten members (sometimes more!) wielding drums, bass, guitar, a full horn section, and three female vocals, The Inciters have no problem filling a room with the powerful sound of soul. The three vocalists lead the band through finely crafted original songs as well as traditional soul music that will get you out of your seat and start to dance!
The Inciters are from Santa Cruz, but travel the world in support of their internationally released records. They bring in guest singers on occasion, sometimes quite famous soul artists. And they always have as much fun on stage as the audience does!!

The Capsouls
-from Bakersfield, CA
-The Capsouls is a band from Bakersfield, CA
that dedicates themselves in the authentic SOULFUL REGGAE
sound of the 60s-70s. Heavily influenced by the productions of Lee Perry
and Leslie Kong, The Capsouls compiles a set of tunes full of vocal
harmonies, duets, and organ driven instrumentals (familiar to the Beverley’s Records era)
that will keep you grooving and singing throughout the night

Voluntary Hazing
-from San Jose, CA
-Formed in San Jose, CA, Voluntary Hazing is a 12-piece ska and pop-punk band (although they sometimes stumble into psychedelic, or disco, or acoustic music).

​They released their latest single, "Reciprocate Some," on January 21, 2022. Previously, they released the single, "Skemsco," and their debut EP, 'Crossroads.' Their music is written, recorded, mixed and mastered entirely by members of the band. They explore topics and themes of existentialism, dance critics, crossword puzzles, Swedish beer, punk dudes who want to own farms... All very relatable (?).

​They're a bunch of marching band geeks that grew up being classically trained, but they began experimenting and decided to play some rock music with their horns. Their interests include skanking, emo music and memes. So many memes.

​They used to start almost every practice with "Sell Out" by Reel Big Fish, and they've had seven bassists since their unofficial inception in the oh-so-fateful fall of 2017. They have a full horn section with trombones and trumpets, and alto, tenor and bari saxes.

​THE BAND DOES NOT ADVOCATE HAZING. I REPEAT, THEY DO NOT ADVOCATE HAZING. It's all voluntary. That's a fun story you'll definitely have to ask them about.

​In the meantime, enjoy the music. Some of their mothers are a little wary of it. But it's fine. Really. Actually, it's not. This is so sad. Alexa, play Despacito.