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Wednesday January 18 2023
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
Margaritas Podridas
 alternative rock grunge
April Magazine
 alternative indiepop
Fake Your Own Death
 punk rock

Margaritas Podridas
-Hermosillo, Mexico
-The Hermosillo, Mexico-based quartet Margaritas Podridas was born out of admiration for the underground rock landscape of the ‘90s, culling from the distortion-laden songwriting of the grunge scene, the scuzz-coated pop of shoegaze, and the noisy sojourns of that decade’s college rock’s guitar icons. Sonics aside, there’s a political streak and DIY ethic in Margaritas Podridas that recalls the confrontational idealism of their musical forebearers, evidenced in their underage scene building efforts in their hometown, their negation of the English language despite their growing international fanbase, and their penchant for giving the middle finger to sexism in both the music industry and the broader world. You want to hear a fiery young band with a bone to pick with the patriarchy? Well, give the new Margaritas Podridas digital single “No Quiero ser Madre” a quick spin. As the latest entry in Suicide Squeeze Records’ Pinks & Purples digital single series, “No Quiero ser Madre” delivers a short, sharp shock aimed at the anti-abortion movement. “It is a song about unwanted pregnancy, the thought of having an embryo developing inside you against your will,” say guitarist/vocalist Esli Meuly and bassist/vocalist Carolina Enriquez in a joint statement. “It is about being scared, and the feeling you'd get when you imagine it inside you, not being able to stop its growth right away, not knowing what to do, screaming, hoping it is a bad dream.” Clocking in at just over a minute-and-a-half, “No Quiero ser Madre” is a raging punk tune centered around the charged riffage of Meuly and guitarist Poncho López, the pummeling drums of Rafael Armenta, and the furious lyrics of Enriquez. Further bolstered by Cobain-esque chorus effects and a mix and master job by Jack Endino, “No Quiero ser Madre” takes the fury of the ‘90s underground and distills it into a timeless Molotov cocktail anthem. 

April Magazine
-from San Francisco, CA
-The purest a band can aim for is to present their milieu as a time capsule from the morning of. April Magazine deals deep in the hypnagogic charm of their surroundings. Since the 2018 release of “Shirley Don’t”— a sneaky classic that first turned ears outside their SF Bay Area home— the band has stirred out a handful of cryptic indie pop recordings nestled in warm aerosol hiss and scrappy hand-drawn cover art. Music that glints in the far back of an urban daydream where guitars could be bells, bells could be voices, and voices hardly find use in words. If The Ceiling Were A Kite is a document of things losing definition and time gone slack.

The songs on If The Ceiling Were A Kite were recorded over a span of about two years, after Peter, Mike and Kati started playing together around a four track cassette player in Peter’s bedroom. Other kindred spirits like Julia Waves, Ian Collins, Anthony Comstock OBC, Zach Vito, and eventually David Diaz joined in on some of the recordings and live shows adding to the collective ‘whatever works’ ethos of April Magazine.

Fake Your Own Death
-from San Francisco, CA
-You don’t have to die to start over but you might have to pretend to. Fake Your Own Death have been compared to Echo and the Bunnymen and Sonic Youth in both local and national press. They've shared stages with The Warlocks, Blood Red Shoes, Film School, White Denim, Bob Mould, !!!, Gang of Four and others. FYOD is Terry Ashkinos, Scott Eberhardt, Joey Federale, Shane Ryan. Also see El Terrible.