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Thursday January 26 2023
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
•••  21 AND OVER
Unscrewable Pooch
(Last Show!)
 weirdo pop
Honey Gold Jasmine
 r&b neo-soul
Nick Nassab & The Sheep
 alternative indie folk

Unscrewable Pooch
-from San Francisco, CA
-MYTH POP, Dog Folk, Smut-Stomp and Nonsense from SF Bay Area. Mer¨! Mer¨dududud¨ Merishishishish Merishishishsquish Mesquishishishish Mesquishishishishishid¨d¨ Begin!

Today our tale takes us long ago to a time for Squid, and for Hermit Crabs; a time of Water, when there was no Surface, and everything was Deeper. Before Great Beasts backslid onto land there was the Clam Tree, and creatures were sessile, and their armor sparkled like jewels; and Clam and Mussel and Limpet reached perfection.

Restless souls and sessile Limpets; oh, woe. Countless ghosts fallen (alas) from heaven into the torpid sea of flaming hot bubbly bits, swam in the murk, translucent and spinning in circles, vulnerable and unloved. And the sea became turbid, and there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth, and that is how the sea got its salt..


Honey Gold Jasmine
-from Vallejo, CA
-Honey Gold Jasmine, a R&B/Soul artist from Vallejo CA, has experienced the duality of what the Bay represents – the fast life on the streets characterized by the Hyphy Movement and the groundbreaking activism that makes the Bay progressive and great. Her 7 years as a youth advocate/educator & her heartfelt lyrics and soulful vocals over bass driven beats reflects this. HGJ is also an experience planner. Putting together interactive, future forward events such as the Gold Soul show, a game show that spotlights artists under her media company DMTA Worldwide. Lauryn Hill, Left Eye, & Erykah Badu are her main influences.

Nick Nassab & The Sheep
-from San Francisco, CA
-Nassab and the Sheep are a San Francisco based rock trio that plays indie rock, jazz and folk. Nick Nassab, Scott Kirkwood and Joe May have over 15 years of experience playing together in various music groups. They play a combination of Nick's solo material and collaborative original music that highlights improvisation. Nick Nassab is releasing his first single from his forthcoming record, Split Down the Middle on 1/26, come celebrate!