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Sunday February 5 2023
  7:00PM doors -- music at 7:30PM
Dune Rats
 stoner pop
Pity Party
 emo pop-punk

Dune Rats
-from Brisbane, Australia
-Four albums in, Dune Rats are still finding new ways to connect with the creative chaos that is
at the core of their music.

The band, beloved for their carefree and no-holds-barred approach to rock music, have
demonstrated time and time again that a formula for memorable music and longevity doesn’t
need to be overcomplicated. The secret to Dunies’ success lay in the band’s unshakeable
dynamic and their unabashed love for music that just makes you feel good.
With Real Rare Whale, Dune Rats take this simple formula and kick it up an extra few notches -
the final output representing a new phase for the group; perhaps their most ambitious and
cohesive collection of work to date.

Released two years on from 2020’s Hurry Up And Wait, Dune Rats’ new album may see the
band at a new punk-saturated, pun-filled peak, but when it comes to its composition and
underlying intentions, Real Rare Whale captures Danny Beus (guitar / vocals), BC Michaels
(drums / vocals) and Brett Jansch (bass) in a reinvigorated, refocused creative zone.
The melodies are strong, rhythms relentless; the way the group worked together over sessions
under the production eye of Scott Horscroft on New South Wales’ south coast resulted in, as BC
describes, ‘a bit more of a sophisticated album’. This doesn’t mean Dune Rats have lost their
edge or have grown soft with age: they’re very much still about keeping that same energy fans
have loved about them since Dune Rats first dropped back in 2014. It’s just manifested in new
and different ways.

“We’re pretty honest dudes with each other,” Danny says. “We’ve grown up, but we’re pretty
fortunate that we haven’t grown apart. We’re now twelve years in, but I feel like we’re writing
better tunes and finding that we’re getting to the core of who we all are, even though we’re still

Previewing Real Rare Whale with the release of singles including ‘UP’, ‘What A Memorable
Night’ and ‘Melted Into Two’, Dunies were showing fans early on that the album had different
vibes to it. Love songs could meet songs that leaned heavy into nostalgia for days gone by.
Moments of introspection could be threaded through ratbag-favouring arrangements and not
feel alien.

“They still have the same energy, but they don’t lean on gimmicks as much.” BC says. “I don’t
think there’s one swear word on this entire album, or any direct direct drug references, but it
definitely still feels really fun. I didn’t even realise that until the album was written. I guess that’s
part of growing older as well, it doesn’t mean it has to get boring, but it doesn’t mean it has to be
cheap, either.”

Songs like ‘If This Is The End’ and ‘Space Cadet’ resonate with Dunies for their encompassing
feeling of nostalgia and memory; tied into the overall experience of growing up and entering new
life chapters, songs like these are a perfect snapshot of Dunies in the now.
“‘Space Cadet’ is about the million things you wanna be when you’re growing up.” Danny
explains. “Then as you’re getting older, certain things make you realise, “I can’t be that
anymore, it’s gone too far”. You still wanna keep that buzz of being someone who could do
anything. You don’t wanna be that person who ever shuts possibility down.”
“Driving around Brisbane, there’s places you can see where there are certain things in your life
that are finished…like, that place is where the first band you were in started, or that’s a street
where you went through a break up. There was the first place we played a show. That nostalgic
vibe of going around a city you were in and having all these little memories. I love ‘Space Cadet’
and ‘If This Is The End’ in particular, it can have a bit of a nostalgic feel to it, but I do feel like it
has an uplifting feeling too.”

The pandemic hasn’t stopped the Dune Rats train from steaming ahead - the band’s focus has
never been more set on bringing their famous live shows back to crowds, bolstered by new

With over 150 million global stream, 2 consecutive #1 ARIA Albums including 2020’s ‘Hurry Up
And Wait’ and 2017’s ‘The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit’, not to mention the hunger for the live
Dune Rats experience leading the band to sell out theatres across the country in 2020, it’s
undeniable that hype for Dune Rats hasn’t slowed. If anything, it’s become reinforced.
They know it too, and have built their entire new record around it - this shared hunger and
desire for impactful music, served up with a chaotic grin.

“Not to generalise everyone, but people going into lockdown were beginning to write more
introspective songs about lockdown.” Danny says.

“We were on the flip-side, just wanting to play songs that would be epic live. It worked out pretty
well. It’s a pretty fast album in general. There was never a moment like, “Where’s the song that
brings them back down a bit?”. This is like 32 minutes of fucking ADHD tunes!”

-from Whitby Canada
-Brandon Williams makes resonant songs that capture isolation and resilience. As the songwriter behind Chastity, the Whitby, Ontario musician has made 3 unrelentingly perceptive albums culminating in the cathartic 'Suffer Summer', which is out January 13, 2022 via Deathwish and Dine Alone Records. The LP caps off an album trilogy that showcases both Williams’ emotional range as a lyricist but also his boundless love of outsider music. His 2018 debut Death Lust pulled from Unwound and The Smashing Pumpkins as he grappled with mortality while 2019’s Home Made Satan dealt in world-weary anxiety and Hum-like atmospherics. But Suffer Summer is a meditation on happiness, channeled through powerhouse riffs and undeniably potent choruses, sung with Mineral and Jimmy Eat World worn on his sleeve. It’s an album that shows how healing and staying content is hard but necessary work.

Pity Party
-from Oakland, CA
-PITY PARTY is an emo pop-punk band from Oakland, CA. Categorized by their frenzied, unforgettable live shows and their fierce dedication to DIY and mental health advocacy, Pity Party have been spreading their wild barely-holding-it-together energy across the US since 2014.