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Thursday February 16 2023
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
•••  21 AND OVER
$15 in advance / $17 at the door
Shanghai Qiutian
 math rock
 indie math rock
 post-punk instrumental jazz rock

Shanghai Qiutian
-from Shanghai, China
-Shanghai Qiutian is a math rock band from Shanghai, China. They have received great critical acclaim in the independent rock scene of China, within a short period of time.

Their EP “New Era, Shared Future” was released in March 15 via Wild Records, Wuhan, by Enaut Martí Zinkunegi and Florian Rudin.

Their first album “Home:Revolution” (Wild Records) will come out xxxx worldwide with featuring songs such as KT from Elephant Gym, Cándido Gálvez from Viva Belgrado, ShouWang from Carsick Cars and mixed by Takaaki Mino from the Japanese band TOE.

Their powerful and full of passion performances have created a big following in China and now they are ready to make the whole world listen to their music.

-from San Jose, CA
-Ghosting is a "Midwest Coast” emo band from San Jose, California. In addition to borrowing from midwest emo & math rock influences, the band has added saxophone and trumpet to further push their sound. In 2022, they released their first full-length album “See You Around.” The 10-track album is chock full of shouty sing-along anthems, while flowing with fast-paced pop punk energy. Throwing tasteful melodies of ska-esque horns in the mix, the twinkly emo style Ghosting is known for still remains and is catchier than ever.

-from Bay Area, CA
-Bay Area quartet Mayari is a math/post rock band combining their love of rhythmic math rock, hardcore, and pop songs with experimental styles akin to Steve Reich and John Cage. Since 2019, the four members have focused on collaborative songwriting to form explosive sounds with pop song structures.