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Saturday February 25 2023
  7:30PM doors -- music at 8:00PM
$17 in advance / $20 at the door
    Noise Pop 30 presents:
Tsunami Bomb
 hard core pop punk
Death By Stereo
 skatepunk thrash
The Hammerbombs
 pop punk
Build Them To Break
 Pop-Punx rock

Tsunami Bomb
-from Petaluma, CA
-Hailing from the town of Petaluma, CA., just north of San Francisco since 1998, TSUNAMI BOMB was the brain child of bassist/vocalist Dominic Davi and keyboard/vocalist Oobliette Sparks. Wanting to combine influences from the darker punk of the Northern California scene, with the classic sounds of Southern California hardcore, TSUNAMI BOMB set itself apart from its fellow bands early on with energetic and dynamic live shows, dual female vocals, and atmospheric synths that helped quickly build a fiercely loyal fan base and led them to be a headlining Warped Tour staple. This continued until after two full albums on Kung Fu Records, many line-up changes, and many more miles traveled, North Bay’s TSUNAMI BOMB finally went on hiatus in 2005. Fast forward to 2016, where due to fan demand Kung Fu Records has collected the early, now out-of-print and rare E.P.'s into a 14 track LP collection, "Trust No One". Not wanting the collection to just quietly appear on the shelves with no notice, the founding members Davi, Oobliette Sparks, and drummer Gabe Lindeman were encouraged to reform TSUNAMI BOMB with the help of vocalist Kate Jacobi in order to properly support the release. After being joined officially by guitarist Andy Pohl, TSUNAMI BOMB has continued to sell out shows across the US and make major festival appearances. TSUNAMI BOMB has been earning its fan base back and rebuilding their loyal army, The Tsunami Bomb Squad just like they did in the old days…one show at a time.

Death By Stereo
-from Fullerton, CA
-The band was formed by Ian Fowles, Jarrod Alexander, Efrem Schulz, Paul Miner and Jim Miner out of what were the remnants of their former bands. Jarrod and Ian were from the band D-Cons, Efrem was from Clint and Paul and Jim, who are brothers, were from CleanX. All five members had known each other long before Death by Stereo formed, as their former bands had toured and recorded together previously. Paul's record label Dental Records had released music by Clint and D-cons and would later go on to put out the first Death by Stereo release.

The five practiced in Jarrod's garage for a few months before recording a demo. They recorded five songs at For The Record Studios, where Paul worked. Out of the five songs, four of them went on to be re-recorded and included on their first album. On March 5, 1998, they played their first show, and soon after began playing more shows around Southern California. By late 1998, the band released their first official release Fooled By Your Smile 7 inch. Following this release, Ian decided to leave the band, and was replaced by Keith Barney, who was still playing in both Adamantium and Throwdown.

In 1999, Death By Stereo released their first album, If Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die. Shortly after, Jarrod moved to Boston to pursue music full-time at the Berklee School Of Music, and was replaced by Tim Bender. Keith also left the band, to pursue his other current bands, Throwdown and Eighteen Visions. He was replaced by another Indecision alumni, Eyelid guitarist Dan Palmer.

In 2000 the band was picked up by Epitaph Records and recorded their second album, Day of the Death, which was released in January 2001. Death By Stereo spent almost all of 2001, touring North America, with bands such as Sick Of It All, Boysetsfire, The Hope Conspiracy, AFI, Rise Against, Nicotine and The Planet Smashers. At this time, Tim decided to leave the band and was replaced by Todd Hennig from Heckle and Seven Years War.

In early 2003, during the recording of their third album, Jim Miner left the band. Tim “Tito” Owens replaced him during a European tour. They released their third album, Into the Valley of Death, which was recorded while Jim was still in the band, later that year.

Death By Stereo began writing their fourth album in late 2004. During early 2005, founding member Paul Miner left to pursue recording and producing, he was replaced by Tyler Rebbe from Pulley. Which left Efrem as the sole surviving member from their Indecision days. The band is still active and touring and recording.

The Hammerbombs
-from Oakland, CA
-The Hammerbombs! Less than inspiring tunes about broken hearts and downing sudsy cold ones. File under "punk".
We are East Bay folks who like to drink the beers and play the pop punk tunes. We've been in a million bands, and we'll probably be in a million more. Right now we're in this one. Get into it!

Build Them To Break
-from San Francisco, CA
-Emerging from the depths of a moldy Tenderloin basement some time ago, pop-punk powerhouse Build Them To Break continues to thrive among the ranks of the Bay Area DIY music scene. With their heavy melodic guitar tones, gritty bass lines, drums punching at breakneck speeds and distinct growling vocals, one gets a sense of their shared love for 90s punk influences and Midwest roots. Their songs weave tales of first loves and wasted youth in an ever-changing and often disappointing society, embracing the personal struggle to simply exist while the greater world feels like it’s falling apart.

Their sophomore album Lucky Strike released in 2019 on M Perfect Records, Nashville. It immediately explodes into the title track followed by 7 more solid numbers showcasing the unique strength of each member. Fronted by singer and bassist, Chris Shearer, the vocals deliver tightly syncopated lyrics in rhythmic phrasing and cadence with his bass steadily punching along. Lead guitarist, Charley Arents, accompanies on harmony backups while driving a wall of heavy guitar tone. Locking this all together while propelling it forward, is the deliberate and surgical precision-like drumming style of Kevin Rypma. After a year of nationally touring for Lucky Strike, the members were forced back to their Bay Area apartments and resigned to a routine of Zoom practices, Garage Band files and makeshift living room studios, much to the annoyance of their partners and downstairs neighbors. Never ones to waste a crappy situation, the past three years have been spent cultivating more mature and introspective material around social justice and mental health.  The band was joined by guitarist Scott Kline (formerly of Offshore) in 2022 and looks forward to playing actual venues instead of in their bathrooms and secluded areas of Golden Gate Park. Their third album is scheduled for recording in Summer 2023, barring any further global pandemics.