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Friday March 3 2023
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
$13 in advance / $15 at the door
Top Secret Robot Alliance
 pure dance electronic
Super Cassette
 garage pop
 ska punk
Moto Tembo
 curator of jams

Top Secret Robot Alliance
-from San Francisco, CA
-Top Secret Robot Alliance are a dance duo. Their names are Dion Thünder and Lucious Sandstone. They do not dance because they have to. They dance because they want to. #choosedance.

Super Cassette
-from Oakland, CA
-Somewhere between a solo bedroom-pop act and an indie rock quartet, Super Cassette has specialized in producing driving, insidiously catchy power pop since 2016.

Starting as a solo recording project called “Maximillian”, Super Cassette quickly blossomed into a proper rock band. Max Gerlock put a band together to play live, and the incredible chemistry they discovered (along with the cease-and-desist letter that forced them to change their name) made it apparent that Super Cassette would function better as a band than as a solo project.

Max and his twin brother Nick remain the creative heart of the band. Having spent the days of COVID tirelessly writing and recording the material for their upcoming debut album, they've emerged with a slew of new bangers and, with bassist Devin Hollister and drummer David Rabkin, a stronger live band than ever.

After their recent bop "Be Gay, Do Drugs, Hail Satan" made waves across the internet, and “Sober” unexpectedly blew up in Latin America, Super Cassette continues to churn out indie rock bops with one eye still focused on world domination.

-from Torrance, CA
-Chris Graue is the chaotic-good wizard behind SoCal’s ska-punk-pop scene. When he’s not repairing Gameboys on Twitch, he’s filming music videos for NOFX, Reel Big Fish, Frank Turner, Goldfinger, The Bombpops, Suburban Legends, Scott Klopfenstein, and everybody else. Despite these accomplishments, Chris feels suspended in time as if enveloped in the forcefield of some demented Stasis Rune. With each ticking second, his kinetic energy builds until finally exploding onto the music scene with Lo(u)ser.

Chris, the brainchild behind Lo(u)ser, has been resurrected from the ashes of his enemies yielding a digitally potent pop single laced with ska beats and lo-fi blips. There is no Princess needing rescue from another castle. There are no hidden chests to bomb into existence behind crumbled walls. There are no heroes. Just a bucket of Red Vines next to a Sega Genesis where you play your youthful years away until you molt into your final man-child form. It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.

DJ Moto Tembo
-from Oakland, CA
-Curator of jamz