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Thursday April 6 2023
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
•••  21 AND OVER
$12 in advance / $15 at the door
 electronic trip-hop
Houses Of Heaven
 industrial techno post-punk
 electronica indie pop

-from Los Angeles, CA
-For over a decade, Jess Labrador’s deeply personal work as Chasms has always felt like an unveiling. The third full-length under the Chasms name, ‘Glimpse of Heaven’ follows 2019’s meditative and moody ‘The Mirage.’ Adding to the project’s ethereal electronic pop and dub pulse, Labrador steps into new territory with an expanse of vaporous synths and samples while trading in washes of reverb for starker moments of closeness and intimacy. Skittered beats tether drifting textures, sub bass, sparse guitar embellishments, and Labrador’s delicate, airy vocals for a steady drip of creeping melancholy. ‘Glimpse of Heaven’ is a fully realized version of Chasms beyond its influences. To say that the album is a seamless evocation of such disparate sounds as Massive Attack, Sade, Seefeel and Dif Juz is to say it is wholly unique.

Houses Of Heaven
-from Oakland, CA
-Layering synths, guitars, electronic percussion, and live drums, Houses of Heaven fuses early industrial and techno rhythms with the melodicism of shoegaze and a heavy dose of dub-influenced effects. With “Sightline,” they were heavily influenced by their favorite Drum & Bass records. Imagine if The Prodigy were to collaborate with Houses of Heaven and you’d have a pretty good idea of what it might sound like.

Vocalist Keven Tecon elaborates. “With breaks and live drums resampled, cut up and resequenced on a MPC 2000XL, ‘Sightline’ pays homage to drum & bass through a post-punk lens. The repetitious lyrics were inspired by the cadence of drum & bass MCs and the energy they create. We wanted to capture the feeling of chaos, connection and catharsis found on the dance floor.”

-from San Francisco, CA
-Currently based in San Francisco, the duo of Anya and Izaak initially met whilst working in an Oakland cafe in 2016. The two Californians quickly bonded over a track by the ’80s disco band Aurra which was playing over the radio and almost immediately their separate journeys in music became interwoven. They soon began to write music and creating their own work would become a way for the pair to get closer to the sound they were searching for, as well as enabling them to discover the healing power of making and listening to music.

‘Loveshadow’ was recorded predominantly in the Bay Area between 2017-2020 as well as whilst traveling to NYC, Chicago and around Portland. Having released previously as the outfit ‘S Transporter’ alongside Detroit friend Ryan Spencer, Loveshadow is formed of Anya as singer and song writer alongside Izaak on synthesizers, bass and percussion. This eight track album is the duo’s first release; exploring emotive Pop and DIY Funk leanings it stands as a joyful homage to the music they bond over, as well as an ode to their own love and friendship.