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Listings are in the opposite order of appearance: headliner is listed at the top, next is the support band(s), and the last band listed is the opener.

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Friday April 14 2023
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:30PM
 rap rock new wave
Knocked Down
 pop skate-punk

-from Los Angels, CA
-NOFX bandleader "Fat" Mike Burkett has officially launched a new group called Codefendants. The outfit, which includes the hip-hop artist Ceschi Ramos and the vocalist Sam King of the punk band Get Dead, call themselves a "genre-fluid" musical collective.

Combining rap, rock, new wave and other musical styles, Codefendants kicked things off Wednesday (Nov. 16) with music videos for two new singles, "Suicide by Pigs" and the Get Dead-assisted "Abscessed." The latter track features the hip-hop artist Onry. "Get ready for the best aural sex of your life," Fat Mike said. "Get ready for the best aural sex of your life," Fat Mike said.

-from Venezuela/South Florida
-Zeta is a collective art piece (primarily known for their musical aspect), that honors the ideals of resistance against the unjust treatment of living beings and cultural/racial prejudices. Their expression can be perceived audibly, visually, gastronomically, and poetically through the many different mediums that they choose to express (music, film, design, cuisine, etc).
 Started in 2003 in a little town on the coast of the Caribbean Sea called Lecheria. Known as the smallest municipal function in Venezuela - the city is only 7 square miles and houses 79 thousand inhabitants. Hailed as “la ciudad progresista” or - “the progressive city”; Lecheria is encircled on the water by the islands of Mochima national park and hugged on land by Puerto La Cruz and Barcelona, maintaining an ever present flow of multicultural traffic. Previously known as San Miguel De Neveri- Lecheria was home of the cumanagoto tribe- which was one of the most prominent indigenous family who resisted and fought the colonization.
 Sonically the group is defined by its strong emphasis on dense polyrhythmic percussion that sway from profoundly authentic Afro-Caribbean to the most crude and raw punk with atmospheric elements that are drawn from 70’s era Psychedelia and post-rock to form a intense and unique listening experience. Zeta is also known for touring relentlessly - and due to their nomadic nature they foster and adopt artistic communities of “Nuestra America” (term used by JosÚ MartÝ -1891)

Knocked Down
-from Stockton, CA
-A melodic punk band