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Friday April 28 2023
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
 Spank Rock , post-punk
 noise pop psychedelic rock
Pure Hex
 dream pop indie rock

-from San Francisco, CA
-The Bay Area's favorite hard to listen to spank-rock band: Juicebumps! They excrete a signature blend of hot garbage & Vaseline that goes down thick and leaves you hankering for less.

-from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
-Hi. I’m Taylor, I write songs, make videos, make weird collage art, design guitar pedals and have a generally swell time in this here band called 36?.

“So what is 36?” I hear you screaming from the depths. Well, these days I am having a hard time defining that myself. It started as just me writing/recording songs on an old desktop computer in my parents basement. Just some anorexic white kid on way too much ADHD medication screaming out his most troubled thoughts into the void. Since those days some incredibly talented folks have joined me in the band. We’ve played all around the world, we’ve recorded a few records, we’ve won awards, we’ve gotten stranded in Montana, we’ve signed to record labels, we’ve played big festivals with some of my favorite bands, we’ve been played on the radio, we’ve done all the band things that my old basement-dwelling self could have dreamed of, and if you listen real closely you can hear one of our songs far far off in the background of the opening scene in season 7 episode 6 of Brooklyn 99.

Did that answer your question? Not really? Well 36? Is a psychedelic art-rock band from Calgary, AB. We also make guitar pedals. Occasionally we will make weird videos about either nothing or something or music. As of today, we also make a website. That’s right! You are currently reading a website telling you it’s a website. You know that feeling you are getting as you read this website’s proclamation of its own existence. THAT FEELING  is 36?

“36? remain one of the most interesting, most consistently surprising, inventive, challenging, entertaining, brave and artistic rock acts in this city, country or continent. On a summit all their own.” - The YYScene.

Pure Hex
-from San Francisco, CA
-A DEFINING SOUND HELPS PROPEL A BAND — and gain more traction in the music scene, but it can be difficult if one sound doesn’t work or if there is a constant change of evolution in the band or artist. One band showing everyone that they can keep ripping it up from one incredible sound while changing to a whole new one on their latest album, Still Dark, is Pure Hex. Throughout the album, you can hear the influences from such bands as The Cocteau Twins, and the new musical direction, as opposed to the band's previous releases, take the listener's hold with outstanding shoegaze-inspired tracks. The band’s lead guitarist, Khan, explains the maturity and growth in this release that lead to this specific sound: “I feel like the structure is better thought out, the tone is lighter at times, we catch more of the variety of sounds we can hit, and it’s more hi-fi,” he says.
Composed of Marta Alvarez, Zach Dighans, Hussain Khan, Jon Annunziato, and Luke Clingerman, the San Francisco band already has taken the music scene by storm, as their popularity keeps growing as they continue to play bigger venues and more shows.-