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Thursday May 11 2023
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
$20 in advance / $25 at the door
Rolling Quartz
  (from Korea)
White Fuzzy Bloodbath
 doom heavy psych metal / rock & roll

Rolling Quartz
-from South Korea
-They’re not just beautiful flowers… they are blazing flames! Rolling Quartz is a 5-member rock band from Korea. Shaking up the Internet world of K-pop fans in 2020 with fiery covers of rock artists from around the world, Rolling Quartz officially debuted on December 30, 2020 with the single "Blaze".

In February 2022, the band released their first EP Fighting. The release ranked in the top 5 US rock albums chart on iTunes, making them the first Korean indies band to make the charts.

Join Rolling Quartz as they rock the States on their first ever American tour!

White Fuzzy Bloodbath
-from San Jose, CA
-“Dark, gritty and covered in fog… Another night of debauchery took place a few weeks back when the twisted sounds of White Fuzzy Bloodbath curled in the air and set the ambiance for a blurry evening of nostalgic filth...The trio consists of a heavy foundation of 70's influenced, thumpy bass riffs, screaming guitar sections and powerful, crashing drums which mixed exceptionally well with my heavy gut filled craft beers. I liked them quite a bit. Being there, you felt the barrier between the past and present bend as the scene could have easily taken place thirty years prior. As I flopped around taking way too many pictures and drinking way too many beers I experienced a rush come over me as my heart synched up with the melodic thud. It felt familiar, it felt chaotic, it felt timeless. I was white and fuzzy and this would be my bloodbath. I met the band briefly after their set and shot the shit for a while before gnoming around the premises like I owned the fucking place. I had another beer or two, lost my jacket and wandered off towards the ocean before finding my crumbling homestead and falling asleep. The night was solid and I felt great. I went back and found my jacket the next day curled up on the stage somehow. ~ Nick Sirotch, Artist, Music Enthusiast, Keystone in the Bay Area community

“This f*cking band's music is like if you took a rock and skipped it across the universe. ~ Brewtality Films

“The record is both dark with it’s doom side, and energetic, and dancy with it’s catchy and exploding melodies… A record that will seduce fans of stoner, doom, and rock with female singing… I love the double pedal that adds intensity to the big intense fuzz of the guitar that goes in all directions.” ~ Eddy’s Chronicles

“What you see is what you get in the sometimes manic, sometimes blissed-out, sometimes punk, sometimes fluid, always rocking Medicine by White Fuzzy Bloodbath, which hearkens to a day when the universe wasn’t defined by internet-ready subgenre designations and a band like this San Jose three-piece had a chance to be signed to Atlantic, tour the universe, and eventually influence other outcasts in their wake. Alas, props to White Fuzzy Bloodbath‘s Elise Tarens — joined in the band by Alex Bruno and Jeff Hurley — for the “Interlude” shout, “We’re White Fuzzy Bloodbath and the world has no fucking idea!” before the band launch into the duly raw “Chaos Creator.” Songs like “Monster,” “Beep-Bop Lives” and “Still” play fast and loose with deceptively technical angular heavy rock, and even the eight-minute title-track that rounds out before the cover of Beastie Boys‘ “Sabotage” refuses to give in and be just one thing. And about that cover? Well, not every experiment is going to lead to gold, but it’s representative on the whole of the band’s bravery to take on an iconic track like that and make their own. Not nearly everybody would be so bold.” ~ The Obelisk