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Friday June 16 2023
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
Off With Their Heads
  10 year anniversary of "Home", played in its entirety
 punk rock
Single Mothers
 indie punk rock
Western Addiction
 old school punk

Off With Their Heads
-from Minneapolis, MN/Chicago, IL
-For two decades now, Minneapolis born punk visionaries OFF WITH THEIR HEADS have
produced unfiltered and uncompromising weirdo riot rock for fans around the world. From their
breakout album, From The Bottom, to their critically revered record Home, the band has proven
themselves time and time again, and ultimately found their place among the most influential and
vial punk acts of the new millennium.

2023 also happens to mark the 10th anniversary of their sophomore Epitaph release, Home. The
band has been given an exclusive vinyl color variant only available at live events and Ryan’s
website Anxious and Angry. They will be embarking on a North American tour with London
Ontario’s Single Mothers (Dine Alone Records).

Commenting on the occasion and upcoming tour, vocalist/guitarist Ryan Young says:
"Hard to believe, but 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of me playing music under the title Off
With Their Heads (or OWTH). What started as a gag experiment in a Minneapolis basement
grew into countless lineups taking part in international adventures big and small. The DIY party
project used as a means to get away from real life problems wound up evolving into a traveling
therapy session for many people struggling with their own mental demons. I've released records
on small and giant labels alike. I've booked my own shows and have been on agency rosters.
You name it, I've probably been there. When the pandemic took this away from all of us, it gave
some much needed time to question what it actually is that I like about playing music as I get
older. I realized it's a part of me in every way. I LIKE booking my own shows. I LIKE planning my
own tours. I LIKE putting out my own records. I LIKE making all my own merch. I LIKE being
connected to the people that appreciate my music. Somewhere along the way, I feel like I forgot
all of these things. I allowed my own demons to take the wheel and convince me that I didn't
enjoy these things. Well I am happy to finally be able to confidently say that I love what I do.
In the spirit of this, we have decided to make 2023 a celebration of a life in music. We will be
hitting up all the places we’ve loved playing. We will try and craft bills that are weird and fun. We
will do our best to create that temporary escape that made us all fall in love with music in the first
place. Celebrating 10 years of HOME doing a full US / Canada tour with one of our favorite
bands seems like a good way to do it.

Single Mothers
-from London, Ontario, Canada
-Single Mothers has made a compelling case for bullshit. Not bullshit as in the self-serving act of using untruths for personal gain but rather how red flags, stacked odds and strike outs can somehow inspire a collective recklessness to keep at it.

For Single Mothers, bullshit came early. Its members were born throughout Ontario in the late 80s and early 90s, all to lower class families and many to single parent households. Some grew up on native reservations while others were raised by maternal grandparents. Some were the byproducts of one night stands. Some have 20 siblings. All ended up in London, ON – restless, frustrated and hungry to escape.

Founded by poet and vocalist Drew Thomson in 2008, the band began as a means for payback. However, due to Thomson’s short fuse and tendency to destroy equipment, Single Mothers quickly ran through 9 members. Known to fire his entire band outright- which he did in 2009- and to have two different versions of the band existing at the same time, Thomson would simultaneously dissolve the band and keep it going. At one point, the band even continued on without him.

Somehow the right characters fell into place. Guitarist Micheal Peterson was tricked into the band; originally joining as drummer before moving on to bass then guitar then front man before returning to guitar. Drummer Matt Bouchard joined but was fired after getting into a car accident (but was later reinstated), and bassist Evan Redsky came on board in between stints in the navy and theatre school.

What emerged was a very different band. They were dangerously explosive live and exuded a palpable tension that clearly bled into the music. Creating feral punk with rock ‘n’ roll sensibilities, Single Mothers exuded serious songwriting chops as evidenced by their penchant for melody, hooks and dynamics. Also noticeable was Thomson’s distinctive howl and clear enunciation of literary lyrics that are vignettes of small town
ennui and misguided bravado.

Overlooked by their hometown, the band quietly posted their final EP online and disbanded in early 2011. The S/T EP achieved a cult following and was later released by Deathwish’s Secret Voice in early 2012. Promoted on the strength of the band’s Christian Girls music video, the EP sold out in weeks.

In May 2012, the band decided to give it one last push: they quit their jobs, gave up their homes and procured a tour van through money willed to them by a deceased grandparent. Temporarily relocating to Montreal, they couch surfed and began writing their debut album, and practiced for the first time in a year. Despite little touring experience, they booked six weeks of shows across North America that summer then joined Title Fight on a 33 date North American tour last fall.

Kicking off 2013 by signing to Dine Alone Records in Canada and XL Recordings’s Hot Charity imprint for the rest of the world, Single Mothers aren’t resting on their laurels. This January, they’re supporting Quicksand on select North American dates before recording their debut album with The Bronx’s Joby J. Ford at his Big Game Lodge Studio in Los Angeles, California. Thereafter, Single Mothers will be supporting The Bronx across the UK this February before spending March touring the US east coast and playing SXSW.

While they haven’t put their differences aside, Single Mothers has accepted that all the bullshit, the tension and the incompatibility that has destroyed them at times has not only gotten them here but has motivated them to work even harder. And, if that’s to be believed then a ton of wrongs can lead to a right.

Western Addiction
-from Oakland, CA
-Since forming in 2003, WA has defied easy categorization, and the album Frail Bray finds them slipping further beyond the confines of hardcore. Listen closely and hope sneaks in, but the point of view isn’t the only thing that’s different. WA's attack has grown more nuanced, the band crafting songs that comfortably draw from a wide swath of rock ’n’ roll while retaining punk’s ferocity.